Run Coaching

So you want to hire a run coach? Well congrats on taking the first step for even considering letting someone step in and work with you to make running…well… work for you! I am a Level One certified running coach through the RRCA and I would love to work with you on reaching your goals.

Being a runner myself who has hired a coach, I understand the intimidation that comes from potentially hiring a coach, especially online. For me, I’ve always been a middle to back of the packer athlete, and really just enjoyed running for the health benefits. I never had a goal of getting a BQ or a sub 25 5k. I just wanted to have fun, be healthy, and not have to overthink my plans. So if that sounds like you, coaching is an option for you. Do not think you have to be a “fast” runner to get a coach, in fact, I would love to work with you if you’re just trying to finish.

If you’re interested in Run Coaching send me an email, or reach out via social media and we can talk about if I am the right coach for you.