Bahamas Virtual Race Recap

Disclaimer: I received an entry the Bahamas Marathon Virtual Race to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Another day, another virtual race…but this one put me in a nice tropical mood. Through BibRave I got the amazing opportunity to virtual run the Bahamas Marathon… half marathon for me at least. Last year, a couple of BibRave Pros, Chris & Mai got the opportunity to run it on location, and I’ve been envious ever since. You can read about their in person experiences here (Chris) and here (Mai).

While I knew Travel would be out of the question, I could at least start taking steps to get ready for one of my dream destination races.

The joy of virtual races is the flexibility that comes with them in regards to making it fit your schedule. The planned dates were 1/9-1/17. At around 10ish in the morning on the 9th, I realize that the weather was perfect running weather. Like a high in the 50s and lots of sunshine. So after I finished my coffee, I literally said to myself, I’m going to run a half today.

And that was it

My Garmin was dead, nothing was charged…nothing was really ready to go. But I threw it on the charger when I got ready, and I had just enough Glukos Energy Gels to get me through the distance. So I quickly changed and planned a route before I left, and even placed a last minute grocery order so it would be ready with all the snacks for when I finished.

It was a great run, not a PR by any means, but I will admit that I was 100% undertrained, and relied on muscle memory to get me through. Fortunately, all the spinning and strength training helped out, because I actually ending up coming within seconds of my actual PR.

My Garmin died, but it was okay because I still had my watch going, but that got messed up, but I was able to piece together the run for my times, because I knew my route was accurate.

But I loved having a post race party in my kitchen, and on my balcony. I’ll admit that I’m huge introvert, and large post race crowds can be overwhelming. So I was happy to be solo. To keep with the Bahamas theme I fixed myself a nice tropical drink, yay for no beer because I’m not a beer drinker, and was able to immediately shower, and then fill up the tub with some nice Epsom salts…

More tropical drinks, plus leftover brisket lasagne…. all from the comfort and warmth of my home. Being in the water was my beach that day.

About two weeks later the swag arrived, a nice drawstring bag that I somehow lost between and now, race shirt, and a medal. They’re all labeled as virtual, so it’s giving me the fuel to want to get to a place in which I can run in real life (training, money, time, vaccine, etc.)

But until then… I’ll ride the runner’s high of how good this run felt.

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