Body Helix Ultra Light Face Mask Review

Disclaimer: I received an Ultra Light Face Mask from Body Helix to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

First of all, do people still blog about running anymore? I mean with COVID, it seems as if the social aspect of running took a bit halt… especially in regards to social media & running. As we all are settling into our new norms, masks has been the biggest acceptance of them all. With countless debates about masks vs no masks when it comes to exercise, there seems to be an article supporting both sides… as the case with any hot topic issue. For those who are choosing to wear a mask while exercising in public spaces, like myself, the process of finding the mask is daunting. I was super thrilled to try out the Ultra Light Face Mask from Body Helix, as they already make compression sleeves, so I knew their material at the very least would be soft & breathable.

Super light… shown w/o filter

In a lot of ways this is your standard face mask, except you do have to measure your face for the perfect fit as it has the ear holes formed into the mask, therefore you cannot adjusts the straps for a more custom fit. I had no problem following the instructions and my mask fit perfectly.

It also comes with replacement filters and a wire for the nose bridge. Finding a mask made for exercise that also had a filter was a dream come true. For the sake of honesty, it was a short lived dream for me. Due how the filter is designed to fit in the mask, it does make some contact with your skin. I personally found my skin above my lip irritated after use. I am bummed about this because everything about running in the mask was perfect. So perfect that once it healed, I tried the mask again to make sure it wasn’t something else going on. My next attempt will be to add a skin protectant to see if that will help reduce friction, or just general contact in case it’s more of a skin sensitivity issue.

But actually mask running… surprisingly amazing. I legit thought I would only make it one mile in my first run, but made it to three without feeling like “my lungs were getting smaller” from using it. If I had one true complaint, it’s that it did take a while to dry from my sweat, yes I left it because I like to see stuff like this. AAANNNNDDD it also left the dreaded sweat stain… but that was easily fixed by removing the filter and tossing it in the wash with my regular laundry and air drying.

Now again, with masks being the new normal, I would highly recommend trying this out to see how it works for you. Everybody is different, therefore our skin is also different. Check out some reviews from my fellow BibRave Pros below to read about their experience. From my knowledge, out of the group of us testing, I was the only one to have the skin issue. If you do decide you want to take a chance, click here and use the code “BR15” for 15% off any order of $35 (subtotal) or more (Expires Oct. 31, 2020).

And remember… to wash your hands, social distancing, and wear your mask, above your nose, and cover any holes!

Jessica Steph

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