Another Half, Another Virtual

Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Global 24hr Relay to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It’s just really how things are, the world of virtual racing. In the last post I wrote about my experience doing a different virtual 5 miler that was completely solo. Today, I bring you the social (socially distanced that it) version of the virtual run.

The Rochester Running Co put together a 24hr Global Relay to help connect runners on our favorite holiday, Global Running Day, while keeping everyone at a safe distance. There were various team signed up based on region, yes I signed up for Dallas, but due to lower numbers teams were combined in order to make it successful. Which honestly is fine because I wouldn’t be running or seeing these people anyways.

*Also, I should note that this was a “last minute” type of deal, and with the timeframe they had to pull this off, they did an amazing job.*

So basically, it’s your typical virtual race, sign up & receive your shirt and medal in the mail either before or after. As mentioned above, this was a “last minute” deal so it was after. The key difference, is that you also select a time slot to run in.

Yup… it’s a real relay. You get the name and number of the person you are to “hand off” to prior to the race, and once you’re done with your 30 minute block… that can be done anywhere, at any pace, and any distance, you basically text the next person saying “tag!”. Obviously I reached to my person beforehand so that they could have my number and wouldn’t ignore the text. But you know what time you’re running well beforehand, so there shouldn’t be any reason to not know when to start.

Photo from the Global 24 Hour Race website

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I like connected with two other runners (the person before me, and the one after), and I really appreciated the true accountability. Like my time-slot was 6:30PM in Texas, and it was hhhooottttt. But there’s something about being a team, that makes you want to push and do more (which reminds me that I did not recap my early quarantine adventures).

I’m really excited for next year, and I’m hoping that more Dallas people (and people and your region), can show up to allow for an opportunity to reach more local runners. But until then, I hope everyone stays safe, wears a mask, washes their hands, and remember that social distance is necessary even with a mask!

Happy Running Y’all!

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