Staying Accountable w/ the Cinco de Miler Virtual!

Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Cinco de Miler Virtual Run to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It’s been hard.

For everyone, not just me, runners, non-runners, teachers, parents, CEOs, medical personnel… everyone. One way or another, we have been impacted by the pandemic and have had it thrown off our routine in one way or another. In the running world, it meant a lot of canceled races. While there are plenty of runners who run and never sign up for a race, there are just as many who sign up for races to keep them accountable and to create those small goals for them to check off.

I am one of those people. There are some phases where I can and will run because I kinda like it, but for the most part, I need a goal in mind, like a race. Which is why I’m super thrilled many races opted to go virtual versus completely canceling. Cinco de Miler by Ram Racing happens to be one of those.

Ram Racing always puts on a good race with a theme and Cinco de Miler does not disappoint. It’s usually held in Chicago around the weekend of May 5th, and as one can imagine, it is themed around Cinco de Mayo. I remember when they first introduced this race they actually held in Dallas as well, but for whatever reason I was unable to attend, and the following years it never returned. So as you could imagine, I was super happy to jump at the opportunity to run it virtually…because the swag was amazing.

With the registration you got all of the swag you normally would, including the signature Ram Racing gear check plastic bag…idk what I did with mine, and the real custom race bib. Most companies would do the later option of giving you link to download and print, but they opted to give you the actual bib with your name on it. I thought it was a very nice touch to help replicate the experience, or maybe hype up someone who may be doing a virtual to work their way up to a real one.

My shirt is not pictured in the pile of swag because I immediately took it out for a run the next day and it is currently in the laundry and I don’t always plan things ahead properly.

I really enjoyed my experience with the Cinco de Miler virtual, it was a fun five mile “race” that started when I wanted to (when I woke up), and parking and traffic was a breeze! Also, the custom post race snack line up was pretty nice (wine…because I was at home and can do what I want). Those are just some of those smaller, and more tangible benefits of a virtual.

Anyways, during this time of uncertainty (how many times have you heard that?), many people are turning to running for the very first time to help them get out of the house and create healthy habits. Virtual races can be an amazing way to help those individuals become lifelong runners and one day toe the line with us at a real life race. Even if you’re an experienced runner, you can still benefit from the accountability that comes from training for a longer distance. I know many will not accept/display/post about a medal they didn’t earn from a race, but you could always donate them to a child from the I Run 4 organization, put some meaning behind those miles!

As we all navigate through this, don’t let the idea of not being able to go to an organized race deter you from running, or even signing up for a virtual to support your favorite race to ensure that they are able to come back next year for an in person event. I personally enjoyed my virtual experience, and I am the type who think it’s waste, and have spent money since then signing up for two more events to keep me going through the summer.

Get out there, look for something new, and as usual, stay safe.

Happy Running Y’all!

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