Nabee Compression Socks Review

“Disclaimer: I received a pair of Nabee Compression Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

Compression socks…the essential sock for distance runners. There’s so many socks on the market it’s always hard to pick one, especially when so many competitors are always trying to one up each other. I just look for three things, are the pretty, do they actually “work”, and are they easy to get on and do they stay up? Okay so maybe that was four things, but you get it.


So when an opportunity to arose to try a new compression sock with fun designs, I was all for it. Compression socks in general are known to alleviate pain, and fatigue, reduce recovery time, and also prevent spider and varicose veins. Nabee’s sock has managed to do this while also creating fun, and unique designs.


*Also note, I can say that at mile 6 of my 8 miler, I wish I had worn compression socks because I had a very familiar ache, that I only get when I run longer distances without the socks.*

So when picking out the sock I was automatically drawn to the Celebration style, I was actually torn between the two… but I’ve been in a blue phase recently so that’s the direction I went. I did not expect them to perfectly match my new blue shoes… but hey if it works, it works. 


One of the first thing I noticed about Nabee Socks, besides the cute sayings on the packaging, was that they were insanely soft. My other compression socks seem to be a bit stiffer, but these had the feel of regular socks which was great, because I still felt all the benefits from compression socks, while staying comfortable. Nabee has a little infographic that explains why they’re so amazing.

Infographic from

Honestly everything about these felt amazing, from putting them on, the extra arch support felt amazing, and they did not slide down like some of my other ones. They’re just really amazing. I would 100% recommend this brand to anyone looking to either dip their toe into compression socks, or just wanting to expand their collection. If you do decide to purchase, you can use the code BIBRAVE20 (one time use) to save 20% so stock up, and let me know which color you picked!

One last note, this isn’t a simple get your size based off your shoe size, like a real compression sock company should do, they ask that you take you calf size into consideration when ordering which I think is key for a more comfortable, and custom fit. Anyways, check out the socks, let me know if you order, and keep moving forward.

Happy running y’all!

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