Hello September!

I’mma channel my inner VSCO girl and place a cool hello September graphic below.


Now let’s continue. I’m going to drop a major truth bomb that I do at this time every year. I’ve fallen out of love with running. But not fully, just for the summer. I finished off that last 5k that I basically bombed in my eyes and it ruined the last bit of mental strength I had left this summer. Summer running is already super hard for me because I am so unmotivated by the heat. How someone people go through winter depression from the lack of sunlight, I really feel like I have the opposite of that and in summer I crash.

Summer mood

Every aspect of physical activity declines for me, and I’m aware of this and I adapt and come back to the fall training sessions ready to work. So basically, I’m learning to accept that it is okay to not love running. It is okay to take some time off to just be lazy and focus on whatever it is that makes you happy.

I’ve been happy not running, I have not felt as if I have been missing something and that is key. Honestly, the only thing that has suffered is my IG feed because I don’t have any fun running content to post lol.

But September 1st came, and I ran. It wasn’t fast/far/pretty, but I ran. It was hot, but I connected. I felt really really cool. It felt right. Now, moving forward through the month, while I don’t feel fully focused and ready, and I’m lot closer than I was before, and that’s what matters to me.

Happy Running Y’all!

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