Road iD Review

Disclaimer: I received an Road iD to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!


Safety. Safety. Safety.

We hear about it all the time, especially as runners, we hear about it more often than we would like to. Unfortunately, safety is a hot topic for runners, especially for female runners, and those with specific medical needs. Regardless if you’re out running solo, or with a group, in the event of a medical emergency, will those around you have the necessary information to get you the help you need?

The answer could be three different things, yes, no, and maybe if I have my phone and it’s still operable. 

This is why it’s so important to carry some sort of physical medical/contact information that cannot be destroyed. If in end up a situation where your technology doesn’t survive the incident, that Medical ID is officially useless in a critical time. This is where Road iD steps in. 

Traditionally, Road iD has provided users with the basic bands, a silicone option with a badge that you can add any information that you find appropriate and needed. Over the years they’ve been rolling out more products including pet, kids, different materials, shoe ones, etc.

Our specific tasks was trying out either their Wrist iD or Sidekick which is made to fit on your existing Garmin or Fitbit band. I personally opted for the the wrist versus getting one for my watch because 1. I really liked the color of the slim band (13mm pin tuck), and 2. I wanted the option to add on cute badges. 

Ordering was super simple and I choose the following for my badge:

Line 1: Name + most important medical info… that I have Asthma (this is the first thing I NEED a first responder to know) 

Line 2: DOB + Hometown 

Line 3: Emergency Contact 

Line 4: Allergies
Line 5: My mantra Hebrews 12:1

I also added on two badges… “13.” (duh) and one that says “believe”

Shipping was insanely fast and arrived in the most adorable packaging and it included a little note about the person who prepared your order. I absolutely love it when companies do this. This personal touch just fills my heart with so much joy, and it’s bound to make me a repeat customer. 

Now for the basics of typical review. No I didn’t have any issues with putting the band on, yes it’s easy to clean/maintain, no it did not disturb me during a run, yes I would 100% recommend it to others, yes you need to buy one, and yes I have a discount of 20% that you can get by going here.

But if you’re not sure which band fits your needs, check out the other BibRave Pro reviews below and see what information they felt was valuable on the RoadiD, which option they choose, colors, and why they find the product valuable. 

Happy Running Y’all!

Lissa  Corey  Fallon  Jessica R.  Christine N. 

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