Science in Sport (SiS) Energy Gel Review!

I received Science in Sport (SiS) Gels to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Summer training can be rough. With big goals ahead of me for the fall, and actually late summer to be honest, I had to come up with a solid game plan for my nutrition for the longer distance runs. I know there are generally three categories that runners fall into when it comes to fueling on the go… gels/food/liquid. It’s like the solid/liquid/gas concept of the running world. I’ve personally been more on the gel/food side of this, but when the temperatures rise, I’m so picky about the gel I’m using. Because of this I’m always experimining with different gels types to find “the one”, so when presented with the opportunity to test SiS, I immediately jumped in for it.

I’ve followed the brand for awhile but never purchased because I was unsure about the consistency of it, which is number one for me. I had a feeling that it would be a looser consistency in comparison to other gels just because of the serving size, and the isotonic properties (meaning you don’t need to chase it with water as you would need to do with others).

Upon receiving an amazing amount of product, I opened one up and poured it out to see the consistency and how it would set.

The best way I could describe this is that it was like unset jello. You know like how when you make jello and you get to the point where you add the ice cubes to help it start to thicken before putting in the fridge… it was like that. Not bad at all.

The products I (we) received were the isotonic gels in apple flavor, caffeine isotonic gels, and their newer ones that have electrolytes in salted strawberry & lemon mint flavors (key for summer training).

I started with using the apple flavor and I really liked it, it was just a hint of apple flavor so do not expect this to taste like a jolly rancher. It was light and did what it was supposed to do. I was pleased to discover that I didn’t need water with this (probably due to such a light flavor), and that it did not upset my stomach one bit. I can honestly say that I felt like I had a consistent flow of energy for the entire run.

The espresso and I did not get along very well, just because I’m not a fan of coffee flavored items. I’m that person who adds crazy syrups, and a bunch of cream to her coffee, so to take a strict coffee flavor item in isn’t the best option for me. But it did smell like a cup of joy.

One particular day I got a late start and decided it was best to go with the salted strawberry, and lemon mint. First off, the salted strawberry legit tasted like fruit loops IMO and therefore it’s my favorite. The lemon and mint was nice and refreshing and I bet it would’ve been even better cold. Again, same results with consistent energy, but I did need water with these as they were designed for since they’re not the isotonic ones.

Overall, I liked them a lot. I will continue to use the SiS gels to fuel my longer workouts… not just runs, until further notice. They’re priced at a fair price point, have a variety of flavors, and it suitable for all diets… yes, they’re vegan friendly!

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