DC Wonder Woman Run Dallas Review

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the DC Wonder Woman Run 5K/10K Dallas as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I’ve talked about the DC Wonder Woman Run before back when they were only in California and offered the virtual option… and I’ve mentioned that I would be running the actual race in Dallas as well.

Well, that day has beyond come and past and I’m finally able to put some thoughts about it down on the blog. So let’s just get through the standard race review things.

Registration takes place online, and this is where you would opt in to select an add ons to your traditional registration. The race was scheduled to be held in Arlington, TX at the new Texas Live venue that’s centered around the Texas Rangers’ Stadium, and the Cowboy’s Stadium. So basically about an hour away from my house. There were two distances to choose from 5k or a 10k, some of the other locations for this series offer a half marathon option.

Now let’s talk race. There’s two days of an expo that allows for packet pickup and shopping some of their exclusive merchandise. This was being held at the Texas Live venue so I opted for the $15 option for race day pick up. I have mixed feelings about a fee for race day pick up. I get the purpose is to prevent everyone from showing up on race morning and causing delays. But if you’re not giving a reasonable, and accessible option to pick up the packet for those who may live further away, I feel like this fee should be waived. If I live an hour away, don’t charge me, 5 minutes, charge me. See where I’m going with this? I mean, I’ll pay for shipping regardless where I live.

But whatever.

I arrived at the suggested time to pick up my packet, it was an easy starting race 7am…a I aimed for a 6:00 arrival time to park, packet, nap. I did exactly that. I will say that I wish there were more signage to help us get to the parking lots, because I was not the only person lost dealing with closed streets. Yes they told us, but when it’s unfamiliar area, and I don’t have anyone to read directions to me, things can happen. Again.


It was a simple parking, and pick up and I took a nap. At about 6:45 I met up with fellow BibRave Pro Logan (you can read his review of the 10k and the expo here) to snap a quick picture and just chat for a minute.

Due to his race starting first it wasn’t a long chat so I walked around and attempted to look at products and get pictures. It was so crowded. They announced that we should line up according to pace and even called out pace times and stated which flag thing they should line up at. No one listened. I’m sorry, but this was the most crowded start line I’ve ever been in. I wasn’t the happiest.

But it’s life.

There were a lot of walkers in the front as it took me a good chunk of distance to get around all of them… I’m talking .25 miles in. That’s a lot. I have nothing against walkers, I personally run intervals… but I also don’t start at the front. Just sayin’. Overall, I’m honestly just happy to see so many getting up early and doing something active and I’m happy to share my love of running with them.

In my opinion, there’s nothing major to note about the course, there was a band almost .5 miles in, you passed the rangers stadium, and the cowboy’s stadium…. and that was about it. Both races finished together back at Texas Live where they had photo ops set up, and a few vendor booths. I went to none because the lines were really long for a sip of juice.

I did like that they had really great snacks in perfectly packed bags.

Overall, I would recommend this race to someone just looking to get some fun miles in. If you’re looking to PR, this probably isn’t the race for you. Which is true of any “themed” race, which is okay, not every race is meant for a PR. But there are free race pictures which is always a plus in my book.

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