The Closer Bra by Handful Review

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Happy Sunday! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve delivered an actual product review. I think I went through everything from The Running Event, Food Groove Mission, and I just went on strike for a bit. But that’s okay. There’s no rule saying I only have to do product reviews, or race reviews. But today, I do have a product review that I’m super excited about.

If you remember from the posts that were centered around The Running Event, you may remember a company called Handful that I was just floored with. Their dreams, mission, atmosphere, positive body image, spark, and everything in between just made me fall in love with them. During that time I did receive a pair of leggings, and bra from them that I adore. Unfortunately the bra wasn’t very supportive in regards to running, so I have enjoyed wearing it for lower impact activities. I LOVE the material and feel of that bra and I wished they had a more supportive bra so that I could literally take that same feeling out on the run with me.

Then they dropped the mic and introduced a bra known as The Closer. Yes! It was designed to provide high support for all ladies, but even more so for the ladies with C cups and beyond (hello to my fellow team C ladies!). As with most high support bras it was a front zipper enclosure (which can easily be a bad thing or a good thing), and adjustable straps in the back.

As far as sizing, they use a standard chart (see image below) and with my regular bra size being a 36C, I opted for the size medium… as I do with most bras (generally speaking it’s Medium or a size 8 for me). I was lucky that when my bra arrived in the wonderful Spoon Me (gray/grey/silver whatever) color, I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the straps, and was able to wear it immediately without any digging straps, chaffing, or things popping out. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 9.06.02 AM.png

Looking the key details of the bra this is what you can expect:

  • Front zipper to make it easy for getting in and out of. We all know the struggle of trying to get a sweaty bra off over your head.
  • A hook behind the zipper to keep things together. I REALLY enjoyed this feature because it stops you from accidentally exposing yourself, and you can unzip to get a bit more airflow in if needed. 
  • Breathable mesh… do I really need to explain this.
  • Higher neckline… thanks for giving me a bit more modesty in spin class lol

And of course with any handful bra, it does include the Lights Out Bra Pad inserts to give you a little extra something if needed, or just to, ya know, keep the lights out. 

So how did the bra actually perform. Great. I broke it in for spin class first. Spin isn’t a super high impact, but it does get hot, I do sweat, my tanks somehow become super low, cleavage is real, and things bounce sometimes.

It worked well, in this particular case, I really like the higher neckline as it gave me comfort in knowing that people weren’t staring at my boobs during the whole class. Don’t get me wrong, they can stare, but definitely not for free. I need dinner or Lululemon first.

Next up, was the ultimate test. RUNNING. I will be 100% honest and say I did not expect this bra to provide any support whatsoever, based off my experience with the other bra. At the beginning of the run, I did notice some bouncing… but I had to check myself. Okay, I’m going to go off topic a bit. When reviewing a product it’s so important to find balance with your observations and feelings with the product you’re currently testing, and products you have used before. 

What does that mean exactly? I needed to treat this bra as if I’ve never run in a sports bra before, yet still remember experiences I’ve had in tried in true bras to compare them. That bouncing I was ready to complain about, was nothing, because that pretty much happens in any wireless bra, including my current go to bras. So I had to take “bouncing” off the con list, because that’s simply natural and to be expected. Now if it was bouncing so much that it hurt and was uncomfortable, that’s something to go on the con list. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. I got in like 3 miles that days, and didn’t have any aches, chafing, or crazy boob sweat. It was nice. Most importantly, the fabric just felt amazing against my skin and I loved wearing it. I even wore it for a local 5k, and it was still amazing.

The final “test” was a HIIT class with the Broski, which can range from running, burpees, pushups, rowing, jump squats, whatever he’s crazy. Here again, zero issues. I normally wear a t-shirt to his classes, just because my tanks are dirty from spin and running. But even with the extra fabric on my shoulders, that could easily cause some extra movement, I didn’t have any.

Final verdict. I’m buying another. Beyond how awesome the company is, it really was the bra I’ve been looking for. It had everything support, and performance wise of my favorite running/cardio bra… plus the zipper. With summer coming up, I have zero desire to wrestle in and out of sports bras. So yeah, there’s a good chance I’m buying mainly for the zipper and soft fabric, but it also comes with all the other bells and whistles, such as actually working. 

But as always, you can check out the opinions from the other BibRave Pro ladies below!

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