To the Capitol!


The Statesman Cap 10k is the biggest 10k in Texas and I’m so excited for everything it brings. Beyond just the very affordable entry fee (save even more using the code ), it’s in the city of Austin and takes you directly to the Capitol building.

Besides just the amazing course scenery, spectator zones, a legit medal and t-shirt, you can also have a race within the race with their King of the Hill Challenge. For about two city blocks, there will be separate timing mats for runners to compete just within that section and there will be one male and female winner from each category who will earn a polka dot jersey.

With a 10k being on the shorter side in terms of long distance running, it’s fun to have a little challenge within the race to keep the momentum going, and to get most out of the six mile tour of Austin.

Also, be on the lookout for legit aid stations, there will not be watered down gatorade at this race, they’re bringing out the good stuff… NUUN. Lemon Lime, and my personal favorite, Strawberry Lemonade. The only thing missing is tequila. But that’s probably not a good thing while you’re running.

Anyways, Austin is always fun, and this race is bound to be equally as great.

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