Post Spring Break

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the DC Wonder Woman Run- Dallas  as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming aBibRave Pro (ambassador), and check to review find and write race reviews!

I really wish we could have a week off every other month. Sure monthly would be nice, but realistically I wouldn’t get anything done, so I’m willing to settle for every other month. Law makers, make it happen.

Getting back into the swing of things was a bit challenging. Over Spring Break I literally went to spin class every single day, and followed them up with either another session at Neon, training with my brother, or a gym session at home. I thought I had gotten ahead of it whenever I just sat in the tub Sunday drinking wine, and eating thin mints while watching a movie… but it was a different kind of recovery I needed. Come Monday, I was mentally exhausted and did not want to step foot into any gym, studio, trail, whatever. With the help of my wonderful kiddos, I pushed through to go to my Monday PM class… but by Tuesday, I was requesting an easy day with my brother.

He eventually just gave me the day off and I was beyond thankful. It was everything I needed and more. So here’s ideally what the schedule was like.

Monday- Spin

Tuesday- Strength training + Run

Wednesday- Spin + Run

Thursday- Spin (Needed it to make my goal of 4x a week)

Friday- 60 minute spin

Saturday- 5k Race!

Sunday- Run + Strength training

But what really happened…


Tuesday- Nap

Wednesday- Spin

Thursday- Spin +Run

Friday- 60 minute death spin (legit, instructor said she was a bit scared for the class bc she knew it was hard)

Saturday- 5k (nailed it) + last minute spin drop in to close my rings

So just some slight modifications… overall I would say that I had a pretty successful training week consider the mental game I was battling. I cannot stress how important that 5k was to me and moving forward with training.

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling to get back to where I was two years ago with my paces, distances, and just commitment, so signing up for a simple 5k was the plan to help refuel that passion. I’ll be working to push out a race specific post on that 5k and the thought process behind it soon, and will post a link to it here. But until then… just know that I’m looking forward to running the DC Wonder Woman Run next month.

I did participate virtually a couple of months ago as it was only in Cali, so I was super thrilled about them opening new locations. But there’s more, not only did they open more locations, they also added a half marathon distance (select races only), so I’m super thrilled about the success of this race, and hope to be a repeat runner as I love all things Wonder Woman!

Happy Running Y’all!

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