Seeking Balance

Florida to Texas update?

One day I swear… so life has been crazy. If you’ve been keeping up you know I had a blast in Florida, and I did opt to take an extended break from running.

Leading up to it, I was having achilles issues, that did come up at the end of the Ragnar FL. Because of this, I made two decisions.

More rest.

Drop from pacing the Fairview half on the 23rd.

Those two decisions went hand and hand. Leading up to everything, my training was on point, and everything was good. However, logically I knew that the rest I needed, would put me very behind on training, and trying to jump in and where I would NEED to be at…while my legs and heart could handle it. I was putting myself at risk of having this injury flare up at the last minute and leaving the race in a harder position to find a back up on such short notice. 

So yeah… that’s where I’ve been. I’ve substituted running for more spin. Obvi, and two days a week of strength training with my brother.

By not having running on the schedule, it’s giving me time to find that balance between all three sports since I do enjoy them all. However, like most people, I struggle with finding the time to do them all, and still having time to just be and doing nothing.

Enter Spring Break… So I literally lived at the spin studio this week. Straight up. It wasn’t intentional but they had a March Madness challenge, it was a chance to hook up with my girl Meghan and introduce her to my world of spin, and most importantly just talk to her and see how amazingly happy she is now that she’s following her TRUE dreams. 

Real talk. It kinda got me thinking… what is the true next step in my journey in regards to the active/fitness part of my life. I’ve always had ideas brewing but I never really considered it becoming my full time job or something that I’ll be able to produce a steady income with. I’ve got some planning to do. Hopefully I won’t be completely lazy and will use the rest of this Spring Break time wisely… but let’s be real. I’m gonna spend today on the couch watching daytime TV drama. But I think it’s time I really thought about some yearly goals and start to move pieces around. 

But until then…

Happy Running Y’all!

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