Ragnar Florida Sprint

Ahh… nothing like the first recap of 2019 and it is a big one! But before I get started… kudos to the people that have their race report/recap up within two days of finishing their event, you’re the real MVP while half my stuff is still on the floor to be sorted and put away. 

Anyways, I’m super pumped to say that Ragnar Florida Sprint was the ultimate success. As you know, I love Ragnar Relay races and I also really enjoyed the format of the Hood to Coast one day relay I did last year in May. So when Ragnar was doing a similar one, labeled Sprint, and had it in Florida along the beach… AND my favorite captain was willing to captain a team AND she wanted to do the Ultra option because it was actually reasonable… I jumped at the opportunity.

Our team name was Love, Peace, and Hair Grease and we were (are) a fierce trio that came from all parts of the country. Myself from Dallas, our fearless leader Nicole from LA, and our speedy long distance lover Vergial from Brooklyn. 

It all started with meeting Nicole at the airport to pick up our mini van… of course walking to the selection of rental cars, I immediately noticed and Bentley and felt like it was my life mission to get us an upgrade to a luxury car because we would be going to Miami after all…and it was just 3 of us. After my request for a Maserati was declined….along with the Porsche, we met in the middle with a cut Audi Q5. You may remember a similar story of me changing from a minivan to luxury SUV at HTC. 

The Bently I originally wanted…
Still beats a minivan!

Anyways, our first stop was food since she literally started traveling from LA the night before and was tired and hungry. We found a cute local spot that has great burgers, good wine, and great company. So if you’re ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, I highly recommend checking out BRGR Stop.

Of course after that it was time for the Target run for snacks… it was very hard to remember that it was only for a day and we didn’t need much. I think I did pretty good… and of course I got my usual relay race bottles of wine. 

After that we went to our hotel, to take a nap while we waited for Vergial to arrive in a couple of hours. Nicole had zero desire to drive back so she sent him a Lyft. Once he arrived we got up and headed out the door to the pre-race party to get the items we needed to save time in the morning. It was fun chatting with everyone there and there so many local/tourist traffic that were interested in the relay and it great being able to chat with them about my addiction. I’m not gonna lie. Them telling me how amazing we were for doing it, made me beam on the inside. 

This was followed by another grocery store run for Vergial, DoorDash for food, sleep, and early wake up. We had a 5:30 start and was about 20ish minutes from the start line. I was up as runner one and had an easy 2 mile run to hand off to Vergial. It started right at the beach, but obviously I couldn’t see anything. I had a great run to start off with, and managed a solid pace and four kills on this run (I actually got kills on EVERY run). Nothing very scenic came from this. 

Vergial was up for two back to back killer legs… 7.5 and a 6… he did amazing though… I took selfies.

Next up would be me again for my next leg which was an easy 3.5 but it did require me to go over the Bascule bridge which I was terrified about it opening. Needless to say, I saw it begin to open when I was about a half mile away and I could think was it would be my luck. Anyways, it was horrible, and I did get some great views. I still don’t like running over them though.

This leg had a note that the last .68 miles would be on sand. Just as I approached the sand, it began to rain. My paces were still on point and I was happy with all of my progress and it went down hill. I am not a loose sand runner… or well any type of sand really… but it was a sad experience being rained on, while going through some sandy trail lol. But I did it and it was the prefect time to change clothes as I was soaking wet. 

Post rainy run… still felt great though!

Nicole was the next runner with back to back legs totaling 6.5. We used this time to find coffee and I got to visit the amazing beach looking for a coffee shop yelp said was there.

Not gonna lie… kinda wish Nicole ran slower so I could stay longer.

Then vergial was up with another 6, then it was my turn to run my final set of legs back to back. 4.1, and 3.5. It was HOT. I started around ____ and the run out of the park was just brutal since it was all sun and no breeze. Vergial was feeling dehydrated and drank my planned gatorade so I initially asked for them to bring me another. Once I got out of the park and felt a breeze I knew I would no longer need it and declined it since it be would one less thing for me to carry. I did have my water in my OM pack, applesauce, and another gel so I knew I would make it nutrition/hydration wise for 7.6 miles. 

The first part of this mega leg was decent, it rain along a sidewalk trail next to the beach. Not a lot of beach views due the vegetation, but this also meant very little breeze so it did get hot again at that point. Once running through the next exchange, there was another bridge,

View from the first bridge!

and it was all amazing beach views… and

Views from the second bridge

practically nothing but sand for 3 miles. Packed sand for most of it, mixture of packed and loose for the last .5 miles. I did slow due to fatigue, but this was already accounted for in my overall pace. 

I got rained on again, it was definitely refreshing and much needed. I pushed through and was happy to hand off to Nicole to finish up her last legs.

At this point I went into full relaxation mode. Changed into my wonder woman tshirt… hair up in a bun, sweaty visor off, flip flops, and my bag of potato chips. We were in the final stretch and I was excited.

It wasn’t too long until Nicole showed up at the exchange to hand off to Vergial and was off to close things out for the last 6 miler which he killed. We crossed the finish line and earned our Ultra medals… I couldn’t of been more excited. 

The night ended simply with showers (holler for a 2 bed 2 bath hotel room), and Vergial and I went out to dinner at a nearby chipotle style restaurant. We turned in quite early… probably because I had wine and melatonin gummy. We also had an early alarm to go back to the airport.

Overall… I would do it again in a heartbeat and I had a fabulous time. 

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