1/20 & 1/28 Update…

So…I think I owe y’all a week lol.

So the first two weeks of January were off to an amazing start (see last post), and I was really hopefully in regards to keeping that momentum going… and that kind of happened.

Honestly, not much has happened in the last week… literally. I cut back on running quite a bit and feel off the schedule last week due to an achy shin that I needed to rest in preparation for Ragnar FL. Fortunately rest paid off, but I still was able to maintain my spin schedule and actually went four times last week so that was really amazing.

My planned long run for Saturday was pushed to Sunday due to doing spin that morning, and well…snow and life. Life being me starting to feel sick Friday with a sore throat and just general tiredness.

Last Friday was the start of parent teacher conferences, and I had a busy day of that, as well as spin class, and a planned girls night with my sisters and mom. I was able to keep the sore throat at bay, but by Sunday it was full blast and for that reason I opted to skip my long run due the freezing temps I would not be ready for.

Come Monday… it was awful, and I had more conference. With each conference I felt my voice slipping away more and more and the pain was extreme that I actually ended them early at noon, and went home to rest. With congestion and a cough now setting in, I knew it was time to listen to my body and just rest, and do the minimum to continue closing my rings. This included a lot of 10 minute workout videos, and yoga. By Wednesday, I was over the cycle of feeling okay when on medicine and crashing as soon as it wore off. So off to urgent care I went, and a partial Strep diagnosis (negative test, doc believes they did not go deep enough for the swab) and antibiotics.

By Friday I felt better and decided to resume activities, I took it easy for spin and took all necessary precautions…meaning I took my inhaler, and had a great time. Saturday was even better since it was Britney V. Christina themed class and I had so much fun on the bike (last week was *NSYNC V. Backstreet).

I still had some lingering pain fro the sore throat and abdominal pain, but it was no where near where it was at earlier in the week so I made the decision to go do my makeup 6 miler. The weather was beyond beautiful and I had a great time.

My garmin is continuing to mess up, and shutting off at random distances beyond 3 miles and it’s frustrating because I’m losing a small amount of distance, but it also worries me because I don’t know where in the run it will completely shut off and I’ll use all the data. Overall, this was the fastest six mile run I’ve had a in a long time… and that makes me happy.

So yeah, great week… happy to be back on the pavement and bike and I’m looking forward to hitting my goal of 50 miles for January as I work back into getting into the swing of things.

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