What’s in my Gym Bag (Pt. 2)

*Disclaimer* I received a swag bag from The Running Event as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Howdy! So here’s the rest of the products from my epic swag bag at TRE for part two of What’s in my Gym Bag! I’m super excited to wrap this up to give you insight on some great new products, and to let you in on what will be staying in my bag, and part of my overall routine, into 2019. Hey, that rhymed! 

Arcanum– I’m just going to lead with this product because it’s such a heavy hitter and is often in the midst of controversy. I’ll keep it simple and I highly recommend going directly to Arcanum’s site to learn more. But in a quick nutshell, there’s no THC so no you will not feel high, and no you will not fail a drug test because it does not contain THC. 

Arcanum products use an activated hemp (heated hemp that increases the bioavailability), which is easier to enter circulation within the body. This activation also increases the effectiveness of the cannabinoids which works hand in hand with your body’s natural Endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids are effective in the managing soreness, overuse, and swelling post exercise. 

In our bags we received 3 products from arcanum:


All three are topical applications and each one possesses their own unique quality and combined, they are a power house for recovery and everyday use. The Quill is delivered in the form a pen and contains 50 2mg does of Elite Hemp Extract (100mg of cannabidiol complex). You apply to an area with thin skin and lots of veins for quick delivery, rub it in, and you’re good to go. I personally enjoyed using this before bed and found myself sleeping better, and deeper, and just felt ready to go when the alarm went off in the morning. 

Sarco Breeze is a sports massage oil with 50mg of activated hemp extract. I really enjoyed using this as a facial moisturizer, especially for the random dry spots that I sometimes get. It absorbs really well and it odorless which is always a plus. I also found this great to use in condition with foam rolling, just to get my skin more protection from the rollers. 

Sarco Freeze is exactly what it sounds like, it’s another pump dispensing style of product with a cooling effect. It has 75mg of Full Spectrum Activated Hemp Extract, and is perfect for those trouble areas. This was one of the first products I used getting back From TRE as I was battling a cranky knee leading into the event, and it didn’t get much better while there. So by the time Monday came around, I needed some love, and it gave me exactly what I needed. I also like using this post foam rolling to cool things off and speed up the recovery even more. 

Overall, huge fan of Arcanum and what they’re doing to aid in natural recovery for athletes and all individuals. With CBD becoming more and more popular it’s great to have a clean product that athletes can trust, and most importantly (to me at least), doesn’t require you to use it orally. 

Vuori Omni Performance Shorts $58- These are a 2.5” inseam, 4-way stretch short in the beautiful Moss color. I traditionally wouldn’t run in shorts of this inseam, but I did still take them out for a few treadmill runs because the fabric on these are soft, and I really loved the extra they had including the bikini liner (which did not chafe of bunch up while running), and zippered pocked on the back to hold small items. 

Size wise, they are a true to size fit, I just prefer to size up in this style of short because I do have generous thighs, and anything less than a 4” inch inseam causes them to rub together, and the shorts to ride up.

I’m confident that I would not have this issue if I had gotten a size up. For reference in leggings, longer compression shorts, I wear an 8 or medium, and these shorts were a medium as well. I would still continue to use these shorts for shorter runs, and/or for strength training sessions. 

Incrediwear Prices vary- Incrediwear is anti-anti-inflammatory recovery garments that have been shown to accelerate recovery for minor and chronic injuries up to 46%. Sounds like a good thing to me, as someone who seems to always be injured, or have something going on I was very interested in this product. They were generous and provided us with 3 different types of socks; no show(sport thin), low cut (active) , and knee high (sport thin), and a pair of performance capris. 

The socks all offer the standards of the industry, moisture wicking, heel cup, no slip ankle, arch support, and cooling. The sport thins were a thinner sock and the active were thicker and to me felt a tad more snug which is likely due to the thicker material. The capris are  4 way, and are true to size; they offer the same technology as the socks and can be work during or after activity. Just be warned ladies, these did not pass the bend test, which most leggings don’t so I just throw on a pair of black underoos and call it a day. 

Wore the noshows for my half marathon and had zero issues with sleeping, foot pain, blisters, slippage… nada. First time to NOT wear full compression socks for a half

Clothing technology? Yeah I know, weird to say, but it there is science within their products. The fabric contains semiconductor elements, carbonized charcoal (thanks Chris, read his review on incrediwear here)  that release negative ions when stimulated by body head. These negative ions increase the blood flow which means, more oxygen and nutrients are being brought to the area in which you are wearing the Incrediwear, and helps to kickstart the body’s natural healing process. 

Brooks Jacket LSD Jacket $105- I can’t say enough great things about this jacket. Just looking at it visually it’s a lightweight jacket with full 360 reflective detailing. What you don’t immediately see is that it’s a full zip jacket (no more cold neck), it’s windproof, rain-resistant, and has a dropped back hem… aka extra butt coverage. 

One of the cool things as well besides, as if everything listed before wasn’t enough, it’s fully packable into it’s own pocket, and comes with a strap so you can easily carry it on your arm, or hand when you’re done. 

This is truly a versatile outer-layer jacket for those runs in which you’re not 100% sure how to dress for. 

Zwift Run Pod $29.99- I’m not going to go into full review on this one here, but check back for the separate full post about this, and the Zwift platform. This run pod works with the Zwift app to allow you to connect to a virtual running and cycling world (this product is specifically for running). The pod will connect with your device to track your cadence so you can make your way through some of the virtual world Zwift has created. 

Altra Escalante 1.5 $130- Just like Arcanum, there’s so much that goes into making this shoe that it would be extremely hard to type, and accurately explain everything, so I highly recommend checking out Altra’s website to learn more. Altra specializes in the Zero Drop Platform™ which means the inner platform of the shoe is all the same height, as well a FootShape™ toe box that’s wide and allow your toes to spread out naturally. 

The list of benefits of the Altra Escalante is endless but one of the things that stuck out to me was the Fit4Her™ technology that they incorporate to make sure their shoe is customized to the anatomy of the female foot. This is important to note since I know from personal experience that they are certain injuries, in regards to running, that women are more susceptible to, so having every bit of technology on my side when running is important to minimize my chance of injury with every step. 

This was a change from my normal shoes, but it’s been an adventure I’ve always wanted to try because I do like the way the shoes looks, I’ve always found the toe box appealing, and those who run in Altra shoes, swear by them and will never consider anything else. In the box they do provide a guide for transitioning to the shoes because it is a change.

I wore my shoes on Day 2 of TRE event with hope of breaking them in a bit early, and I can say that maybe an hour in, my feet were hurting, and that’s what I was expecting because of how different they are. With that being said, they are highly cushioned and feel amazing, it was a just a matter of my feet adjusting to a zero drop.

Needless to say, since then, I have not experienced any foot pain at all and only felt slight discomfort in my first run in them. My shins seemed to get a different kind of activation from the shoe, but it wasn’t painful, just felt as if I was actually “working them out” if that makes sense.

Do I see myself fully switching to Altra, not at this present time. I have several events coming up and it just does not seem like the proper time to try and transition to a new shoe. With that being said, I will still be using them for smaller runs, and probably as a strength training shoe because of the zero drop it will help provide more stability when lifting heavy, and who doesn’t like a little extra cushion.  

Done! That was quite a lot, and don’t get me wrong, I’m still feeling blessed that I got to close out 2018 with such a priceless event. If you’ve been curious about these specific products, or have been in the market for something similar, I hope my mini reviews helped out a bit. As always, if not, just feel free to comment, or reach out and I’ll be happy to continue the discussion!

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