Dallas (Half) Marathon Recap

Final race of 2018 was quite interesting. Quite frankly, I’m not even surprised.

I had signed up for this race back in May and I look forward to this weekend every single year. I’ve ran it every year since 2014, with the exception of 2015 (which I forever regret because that was the best medal), and I just LOVE it.

It really is a true hometown race since I do see so many familiar faces that I know in real life, and through social media all in one location. This year was no different, and imagine my shock when I found out after the fact that an out of state Instagrammer that I follow was there!

Anyways, I’ll keep this simple. I did not train properly due to me missing mid week runs, and only really doing my long runs. As a result I knew I could complete the distance injury free, but the PR I initially wanted was officially off the table. I was okay with that. As race weekend arrived, I was super okay with that as I could tell I was coming down with something more than just my usual pre-race sickness.

I was coming off a weekend of travel as well, and I was just really feeling just drained by the time it arrived. I opted to get a room downtown so I can have extra time to sleep in and not have to deal with parking. But I’m ballin’ on a budget so I used Priceline Express and ended up at a 4 start Marriot .8 miles from the start. Which would just mean a great warmup and cool down. Plus there were scooters I could ride to and from the start.

Expo was your standard fare, but honestly, after going to The Running Event, my standards to race expos have been increased and I’m officially an expo snob. lol.

Checked into my hotel, and was asked bed preferences, all I cared about was a great view, and they delivered. I loved my hotel room. But here again, that sickness crept up on me again, and I stayed in my room vs going out for dinner, but I got Monkey King Noodle Company delivered so I’m not complaining.

I set out my flat runner and called it a super early night because I was so tired. I woke up Sunday, really feeling drained and just wanted to stay in my room. Everything just seemed so cold outside and actually looking at the temps of being in the low 40s, it was perfect race weather and would normally have me in a tank and shorts.

Instead I was in 2xu thermal leggings, t-shirt, brooks LSD jacket, and gloves, for the entire race. At one point I took them off, only to put them back on. I was texting Jennifer as I was walking to the start. We initially planned to just start together as I was going for a faster time, but by Friday night, I was in “screw it, just have fun with Jennifer” mode. I’m happy I was.

The changed the course a little bit and we started in a different direction than normal. It very much mimicked the Rock n Roll course with the exception of crossing the Margaret Hunthill bridge. Again, not many pictures were taken because I was cold, but please be assured that this is a beautiful course… after mile one lol. The first 1-1.5 miles aren’t really lookers, but everything else beyond that is priceless.

The homes in Highland Park are gorgeous with their oversized decorations, the University Park fire station and their pianist, donuts, and of course the Naked Texan Cowboy… who’s out there every single year… he’s maintaining well.

Despite my feelings, it was fun. Along the way Jennifer and I picked up three other runners, who ran with us up until the finish (yes I so ran ahead for that final finishers kick), but we were all together up until those last two turns.

It was my slowest time to date, but it felt like my shortest time I’ve ever spent on the course. I’m so thankful for runner friends to keep me grounded and entertained along with the way. I can’t help but wonder how the race would’ve turned out if I would’ve chosen to run faster with Jennifer. Would I have finished? Would my energy be gone and I would get my first DNF? So many questions that thankfully, I will not have the answer to.

The recovery post race was harder, because afterwards I felt horrible. I congratulated everyone in our group as they came through the finish (another reason for running ahead so I could be there to cheer for them), and went back to collect my car and luggage from the hotel and go home.

I was dealing with still feeling cold, headache, and just general yuck. This would progress throughout the week, and peaking on Tuesday in which I left work early. I’ve canceled every single spin class I had on the schedule this week due to sickness, and trying to workout congestion and eliminating my cough… bc I don’t want to be THAT person in class. Having asthma does not help with these issues as the slightest cough can trigger an attack only relieved by a rescue inhaler. But whatever, I’m better this week and ready to finish out the year strong!

Happy Running Y’all!

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