The Running Event- Influencer Day

Disclaimer: I received a travel and hotel stipend and swag from The Running Event as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week trying to process all the awesomeness that came to life last week in ATX. So what exactly happened??? The Running Event happened… The Freaking Running Event.

📸: Angie

Okay okay…to most, including many of my co-workers, it sounds just like a regular race weekend, but it’s so much more. Yes they do have a 5k, and an Art Run… speakers, and the announcement of the BibRave 100. However, that’s not what I was there for, and that’s not why I’m so over the moon about The Running Event (TRE).

TRE is a runner’s store paradise, it features the latest and greatest products that vendors can check out to see if they would potentially like to feature them in their stores. So think race expo, without pressure selling, passionate owners, and every brand you could possibly think of. If I had to ultimately describe it, it was very grassroots style of exhibitors as we met with many company founders and got to the root of how they developed their product, why, the grit behind each item, and the smiles of their success. It was truly a beautiful moment.

No caption needed… but photo by Larry Castillo Photography 

For our particular group, 20 of us were selected from within the BibRave Pro Ambassador Program. It was an incredible honor to be selected for such a high profile event, not only for just the general opportunity, but because this was a first. It wasn’t just a first for BibRave to have so many Pros come together at once, but this was the first time TRE has allowed the general public to enter through those glorious doors. So yes, it was a BFD.

Jessica Murphy, our fearless leader and cofounder of BibRave

It started with a trip down to Austin on Thursday, and a welcome reception with Zwift. Many cyclist may be familiar with Zwift and wonder why a bunch of runners would be interested in this, but long story short… Zwift has introduced a run pod to bring the elements of Zwift to a treadmill. Be on the lookout for more information about that in a separate post. We had four runners known as the Chosen Ones who were running a 5k on the treadmills using Zwift with the rest of the BibRave Community via a virtual run.

Brenda & Chris warming up

This is also where we got our awesome swag bags. I’ll be breaking down the different items in the swag bag with an actual review throughout the month, it was a lot but you can get a sneak peak at everything in it here (obviously I had to use the Angie foot blocking picture for the blog).

Why you don’t set up next to Angie…

After Zwift we went out to dinner an a giant Orange Soda, and followed that up by turning at the afterparty sponsored by Brooks. I was secretly wondering the entire time if I would see Des Linden since I knew she was supposed to be in San Antonio for RnR that weekend, and is a Brooks athlete. Needless to say, she was at the after party, and I did get a picture with her and it was a true fangirl moment for me.


After that, absolutely nothing could top that and nothing did. We turned it early that night because we had to chase the sun the next morning during our BibRave Group Run!

Ready to run w/ Angie & Mark Photo: Larry Castillo Photography

We had a professional photographer there to take our pictures, and some even got individual shots. But when you’re low and slow, you miss out, but that’s okay… my “A” game wasn’t strong that day anyways.

We had just enough time to change, and scooter back to the actual TRE which was the main attraction for most of us. We divided into groups, #TeamAndy, and we had a guided tour through the floor hearing from the brands that offered items in our bags. Here again, hearing the passion behind a brand is life changing. I can read item descriptions, listen to a sales associate all day long, but nothing will make me feel more attached to a brand than feeling and hearing the drive behind it. Please understand, it was about getting free product, it was about hearing the why, late night stories, prototypes, failures, and successes that these vendors spilled to us. Getting the tea on your favorite brands is priceless, and getting to do it with a great group of people on the first ever Influence Day is life changing.

Coming soon from Vooray!

🥰 Altra
Untapped wasn’t on our official guided tour, but their booth was super cool, Theragun wasn’t either, but my body needed it

Massage w/ Addaday

I cannot express how much of a great opportunity this was for me and the other Pros and the BibRave Staff. I can only hope that this program will continue on, so that not only can I go back to the runner’s playground, but also so I can continue to bring those who follow me on social, and in real life, the inside scoop of what’s coming up our crazy world of endurance sports.

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