iKor Review

Disclaimer: I received an iKor Hemp Extract to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Every week there seems to be a new health trend that spreads like wildfire across our social media pages, conversations with those we interact with daily, and various health and fitness magazines. CBD, and Hemp extract have been slowly gaining popularity and acceptance over the last few years. With the ability to remove THC from the cannabis plant, researchers have been able to capitalize on an all natural oil that give you all of the great benefits of cannabis (anxiety relief, better sleep, pain relief, etc.), but without the effects of feeling high as you would with the standard cannabis that has THC.

I’ve personally witnessed the power of CBD oil when it came to my niece who has special needs and does require medication to help keep her tremor as bay, as well as her behavior that is sometimes displayed due to her own frustration with being able to communicate her needs properly. Seeing this help a loved one so much, really opened my eyes a bit more to the world of CBD.

When approached with the idea of testing a product that contains CBD I will admit that I was hesitant due to my own lack of knowledge regarding the difference between CBD, and THC. I’m still learning about it, but iKor does a wonderful job of explaining it on their website and you can learn more about that here. But here again, seeing how it worked for my niece, and knowing my sister would not give her daughter something harmful, I went with it.

iKor’s delivery system is quite simple. Glass bottle with a pump. Recommend dosage is five pumps under the tongue two times a day for seven days. After seven days, they do recommend a three break to notice any changes. Once the break is over, begin using as normal to really notice the changes from using the product.

Easy peasy, I just left if by my bed for easy access. Now, I will be 100% honest and say I did not like the taste. I found myself chasing it with something after taking it. It wasn’t horrible that it made me want to throw up, it was just very natural. I asked my sister about this, and she said that was pretty normal. My first night I took it, I had horrible dry mouth, which is a noted potential side effect, and it just didn’t make me happy for obvious  reasons. I decided to take a step back, drink more water the next day and to try it again. Needless to say I did not experience as bad of a dry mouth as before, but it still didn’t taste any better lol.

But let’s focus on the main thing here, did it work? I believe so, I didn’t really have any true stress or anxiety issues leading up to, or during the testing phase, so I can’t speak on that end. But did I get better sleep, heck yes, did I seem to just bounce back from really hard workouts easier than normal. Fo Shizzle. Would I recommend iKor CBD to any athlete, or just regular person looking for a daily supplement to help them get through the daily grind. Yup! I cannot, and will not, dismiss a product because of one bad experience, or a bad taste. But I will recommend a product that has consistently given me positive experiences, and that’s what I had when using iKor.

So, it is a higher priced product (you get what you pay for IMO), but I have a 20% off code  that’s valid until the 12/31/18 to help offset some of that cost. Order directly from iKor using the code BibRave20 to save $$$.

Happy Running Y’all!

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