Weekly Update!

I’m getting good at this whole updating the blog thing!

Not much going on this week training wise. I got back on track with adding in a quick arm workout with my brother. It’s quite amazing how I feel like a million bucks during this 20 minute workout, and can take a cute IG picture because I swear that workout did nothing… 


But be dead the next day and super sore… but I’m not complaining about a 20 minute workout with a 45 minute soreness the next day.

Also, in the previous weeks I’ve been working on cleaning up my nutrition. Flirting with the Keto lifestyle. I will say right now I do NOT believe in traditional Keto with fat bombs and a higher fat ratio over protein. I will always preach high protein, moderate (healthy) fats, and lower carb. So I’ve been trying to make sure my carb sources come from natural resources (fruits and veggies). Of course with Halloween I feel off that wagon a little bit, but got back on it by Friday.

Only to be kicked off again when I met up with Jessica Sunday evening for a run and dinner. I must say… we do take some great pictures.

I was really sad that my new shoes were getting dirty.

I normally wouldn’t run on a Sunday, but I had a 9 milers on Saturday and I crushed it. Was it super fast, nope, was I tired, yep. But did I feel strong? Absolutely! 

Beautiful sunrise on my 9 miler

But now it’s Monday and I have to spend the week working, and anxiously waiting for the big race weekend in Vegas…. I can’t wait to experience everything that the strip has to offer!

Happy Running!

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