Still Moving!

Well here we are at another training update. 

Here’s a quick snapshot…

Early last week I found a new training plan since I realized that I totally screwed up the dates on the one I was following and would leave me at multiple weeks of a very high mileage and too early of an taper. Not that high mileage is bad, but for someone like me, who is coming back from injury and sometime off. I don’t want to push things too soon.

With that being said, I’ve slowly been easing into it and working to get a new routine put together.


I’ve also started back working out with my brother 1-2 times per week. I’m happy he now knows to just pick up my phone and take pictures. 


In addition, I have fully invested myself (mostly my bank account) into spin classes. I’ve found that I really like the environment, the calorie burn, and just having another low impact cross training activity. Plus it’s just super fun, dark room, fun lights, and loud music… so easy to get in the zone and just push it.


Also, my training plan called for a 5k race for my long run. Since I didn’t have a race on the schedule, I decided that my best bet would be to go to the track. I loved it, I really walked up to it looking for ways to kinda “cheat” out the full 3 miles… such as clouting the warm up and cool down as part of it. But before I knew it, I was at 2 miles and had no problem pushing through. My goal was 400m repeats with 100m recovery, and finish the last .5 miles or whatever with 200m repeats 100m recovery. I had no true goal, but knew I wanted my splits to come in at 2:45 or under for the 400m, and just finish running strong for the 200m. 

To my surprise… I came home with this…

  1. 2:34-400m
  2. 2:29-400m
  3. 2:35-400m
  4. 2:41-400m
  5. 2:34-400m
  6. 2:41-400m
  7. 1:08-200m
  8. 1:07-200m
  9. 1:53 (300m)

And my avg pace…11:18 per mile… my birthday 11/18. Coincidence? I think not. 


Happy Running y’all! 

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