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Just a quick little update on all things training. With multiple races coming up soon (okay one weekend composed of two races) I wanted to just check in since there are some new things going on.

Fall has finally arrived in Texas, but it did not come free. We have had many days of rain accompanied with it that has taken a toll on my long run days. Unfortunately I’m not very fast, so moving a long run to midweek isn’t an option for me, and the treadmill is just not always an option due to there being only 3 in my apartment gym, and they’re all taken when it’s rainy. 

Fortunately I have been able to get smaller ones here in there, and it just really confirmed my decision to “only” do the 5k and 10k at RnR Vegas next month. When signing up, I just had a feeling that this would not be a very strong training season for me. God puts the right things on my heart, an he knew it would be a season of many missed long runs. And guess what, I’m 100% okay with the shorter distance. It’s really more of just completing a bucket list race for me. 

Also, I’ve altered my cross training schedule a bit. Normally I would do strength training 2x a week with my brother. But he’s currently moving and since I’m a non-paying client, I told him to reschedule me as needed since his family is number one. During said time, I finally attended my first spin class.

I nearly died… and went back three days later, and signed up for a membership shortly after that. I LOVED the energy of the class, the low impact on my body, the sore muscles, and just how fun it was. I’m hoping this will be a positive change in not only my running, but overall health and fitness. 

And that’s pretty much it for now! 

Happy Running (Fall) y’all!

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