Disclaimer: I received and entry to the Rock N Roll Vegas Weekend Series as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Running has been… better. I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it’s absolutely hard to get up and get out the door. Typically during the summer, my running 100% suffers due to the heat, and general lack of motivation. I NEED cooler weather to help inspire me to conquer some miles on the pavement.

It was 64 degrees… I had to run!

Last year, I was a bit ambitious and still signed up for my regular Fall races, that I ended up just shy of completely bombing them. The only stopping them from being a complete bomb, was the fact that I finished and that should count for something.

This year I was smart, I did not sign up for any extreme races. In fact, I do not have any races coming up until November, the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Race Weekend. As most of you know RnR will have a 5k on Saturday, and longer distances on Sunday. Normally, I would opt for the 5k and Half combo, but when registering in July, I just knew I wouldn’t be feeling a half marathon so I broke the norm and went for the 5k/10k combo. I’ll still earn the same perks for completing both race days, just with less distance…and I’m okay with that. 

Isn’t this an awesome 5k medal!?

But with October being here, I’m having flashbacks to one of my favorite races I was so happy to run. I’ve always wanted to run the Nutrabolt Oktoberfest Half in College Station, Texas. So when they partnered with BibRave, I was over the moon excited. Race day didn’t go my way (Thanks Texas for not having Fall weather in October), it was still a wonderful course. 

Some of my favorite things about the race included the swag, finishing on Kyle Field, the warmup vibes, and of course, the beautiful A&M campus. I highly recommend this race if you’re looking for a small town feel, with big race perks. I’ll throw a discount code and links for this race at the bottom of the post, as well as one for RnR Vegas.

But overall, I’m good. For those runs I have been getting out there for, I feel strong, and I do notice the difference that training with my brother has made. Working out with him has taught me how to push through the pain for that extra rep/set/weight or whatever else it maybe. I’m feeling confident that I’ll be back to my normal half marathon times by the time December hits, and we shall see about the whole PR situation come November. 

Happy Running Y’all! 

RnR Vegas– BRPVEGAS10- $10 off Marathon/Half Marathon BRPVEGAS5 – $5 off 5K/10K*

Nutrabolt Half– NBRAVE2018

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