Gatorade Endurance

Disclaimer: I received Gatorade Endurance products as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I’ve been toying around with different nutrition strategies for a while now. I find one product that I really like, only to discover that I eventually can no longer stomach it, it’s super expensive, or is just a hassle to get.

Because of these reasons, I was super excited to discover that Gatorade had a line of endurance products.

Being an avid consumer of Gatorade products for years, I knew I would be getting an all around good product to use for my training.

I had received an endurance drink mix as well as gels. I initially started out with just using the drink mix in the gym to see how it would work.

I loved it. I could instantly taste the higher salt content in it, but it really just made it taste like salted watermelon which I just loved.

I found that my energy levels stayed high, and consistent throughout the whole workout with my brother/trainer. As a result, I was happy to to try this out on a run. I was a bit hesitant to use it at first, so I packed a tiny water bottle in my orange mud vest just in case.

Fortunately I had zero issues and ran a much stronger pace that I had anticipated. I followed up my next long run with using the gel for the first time. I used my normal pre-run gel to kick things off, and packed the Gatorade Mango one for my halfway point.

I really should’ve prepared myself more for this.

It wasn’t bad, but I had become use to taking a more juice like gel, and this was thicker. Probably a mix between a popular gel, and water. So it was still palatable without being super goopy and thick… but it definitely wasn’t my normal, quick and easy gel.

But it worked out just fine and I didn’t have any GI issues (which let’s be real, that’s what we really care about), and I still had those solid splits as I did with the drink mix.

Overall thoughts: I would buy it again, I just for sure would continue to use one or the other. I really really really liked the high sodium content of the drink mix, and I like how it’s easy to sip on during a gym workout. For that reason, I may stick to using it for that, and only packing it whenever I use my vest that holds two bottles of water so I can have one water… simply because at times I just want straight water without any flavors. You can order and learn more about the Gatorade Endurance products on their website.

Happy Running!

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