Staying Healthy(ish)

*Disclaimer: I received ta ProStretch Night Sock for free as part of being a Medi-Dyne Ambassador. All opinions are my own and are reflective of my own, and unique, experience using this product*

So it’s been a week since Ragnar So Cal and all the pictures are done coming in and high of an amazing time is over. Leading up the date I was nervous about hitting my paces, hills, weather, and of course staying injury free. Typically around this time of the year as my work shoes get worn I begin to experience really bad heel pain in my right foot and deal with a lot of Achilles tightness and I refuse to claim that I have the big PF (Plantar Fasciitis). Fortunately I had a new tool in my basket to help out with this to keep me on track.

So it really is a simple product, with oh so simple directions.

Basically, it’s a sock with a metal plate behind your toes, and straps to help hold your foot in the perfect stretch the arch of the foot.

Yes, it does feel good. At first it takes some getting used to, but it feels so freaking good. I personally don’t sleep in it, but rather just leave it on for random periods once the day is over for a good, hands free stretch.

Now I will say to be careful when using this on surfaces that the velcro can easily attach to. The velcro is strong and did cause some pills on my rug, but ya know, that’s life.

I strongly feel that this helped to keep my feet healthy and happy leading up to Ragnar. I just wish that I had packed it because I did have some more tightness after running hills that I didn’t know about and I know that this would’ve helped before and after that particular leg.

Overall I would highly recommend checking out this product, as well as other offerings from the Medi-Dyne family. Feel free to use the coupon code AEH20 to save 20% on all their products!

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