Delayed Training Update: 10/23-10/29

So I’m about a week late on this whole training update thing… no big deal…right?

Anyways… for the first time in a really long time. Life seems to be balanced all again. Things have settled at work, life has settled post move, and we’re finally getting a taste of the holidays.

With everything going on with illness and hip issues I made the decision to be lazy, I’m just calling it like it is, to cut back this week and just take time to breathe and regroup.

I spent Sunday laying out my goals for the upcoming week and some pretty legit meal prep.

Not every week is going to be balls to wall training and it should be, but I am only human and I have to remember that I’m doing what I find to be best for my life and my present situation. I’m slowly learning to embrace NOT keeping up with Jones’ and just trying to keep up with Erica.

With Ragnar Napa being canceled due the fires that left my November open to work some pretty cool events to represent Ragnar. I’ll be at the Mckinney Half Marathon on Saturday, and the Trinity River Run the following Sunday. I hope to see y’all out there. Until next time…

Happy Running,


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