Aidios 2016!
While 2016 held some tragic moments through the loss of some influential people I still had a fantastic year. 
Despite injury, missed goals, time off, being stuck in a rut, I am happy with everything I accomplished. 

I went out of 2015 by stepping out of my comfort zone by running my first marathon. I carried that on with new opportunities. 
I traveled. Not as much as some, but for me it was complete wanderlust… or shall I say Runderlust. 
Four states in one year is big and that’s not counting me running down in Austin and college station as well. Muy grande y’all. 

I kicked of in Baton Rouge, LA meeting new Bibrave pros, friends from home, and reuniting with my cookie homie Angie. 

Next step would be running my first Ragnar Relay with the Brew Crew! Little did I know this would be start to a major addiction and I would end up becoming an ambassador for them. Major thanks for Dara and Jen for agreeing to come with me on this crazy adventure. 

I followed that up with really kicking up my training with Coachy Coach Jen who pushed to achieve some major results. 

Come September, I was off to Cali for the first time to run the Ventura marathon (I did the half) and just relax. One of my best friends came along to have fun, and of course for support and I’m super thankful for her. Thanks More-Less. 

Rest a bit, and I was pacing my first ever half marathon. If you’ve never paced before, do it, it will change everything. 

I went to college station, and has an amazing post race pretzel and got amazing swag including stein at the Nutrabolt Oktoberfest Half marathon. I also got to meet with Sarah F. again who I met earlier in the year at the hot chocolate 15k

Next up was Oklahoma, Tulsa to be exact to run the Tulsa Run 15k. I got to meet up with Angie again, as well as Sarah for the second time and her super awesome husband Donovan. In They came out to cheer us on the course and Sarah was our personal tour guide. Ultimate proof that runners make the best friends. Did I also mention that we met Richard and Sherry from the United Relay… oh yeah. I did that too. Across the country… okay I only had one leg in Dallas but I held the Baton. 

The following weekend after that. I was Vegas bound for yet another Ragnar Relay. A team member from Austin invited me to join her team and I couldn’t say no. I loved every minute and set some killer PRs. I even got to meet the Iron Cowboy!!!!

While in Vegas I even got the chance to reconnect with my bestie from years ago! No matter how much time has passed, we will always remain good, close friends. 

Lastly, I ran the Dallas Marathon (half) and feel in love with my home city. As much as I love running in new places. Dallas will always feel like home. 🤠


And that’s my 2016… granted I probably left out some races but those are the ones that touched my heart and made me feel like I was at home. So many things in life pass, but I will never forget the memories and moments I felt at each one of these races. I hope to continue to be blessed enough to continue this trend into 2017, but only time will time. 

I wish y’all a blessed and prosperous New Year!


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