Run Tulsa Run

***Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run 15k to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!***

TULSA! When hearing about Run Tulsa Run and finding out that it’s only about a 3 1/2 hour drive up north, I embraced the opportunity to run in yet another state. Add in the fact that fellow pro Angie would be running as well, and another pro Sarah is local, I was dying to get up to Tulsa.

Registration was quick and easy and was online via the race’s website. As most races the longer you waited, the higher price you pay your entry. This race has a distance for everyone ranging from a 2k to a 15k. Obviously I like to punish myself and opted in the 15k.

I left right after work and hit the road to Tulsa. It was a nice and quiet drive that included real toll roads. Now I’m not a stranger to toll roads as they are everywhere here in Collin County, but I am not used to having to actually stop and pay toll. #Oldskool

Packet Pickup was held during their expo that I could not attend so Angie picked up my packet with a copy of my ID and written permission. Out of towers do have the option for race day packet pick up as well. Since I did not attend the expo, check out Angie’s review to read more about that.

Anyways, upon arriving at our hotel, Courtyard Marriot Downtown, I saw how close our hotel was to the race. It was literally at the finish, which is awesome because who wants to walk a bunch after running a race? After scoring free parking in front of a church I went upstairs to be reunited with the fabulous Angie to head out to dinner to meet Sarah, our driver and tour guide for the night.

We hit up Albert G’s, a bbq place, for dinner and I was in Hog/Turkey heaven. You can never go wrong with a pull pork and smoked turkey sandwich. Never.

After eating Sarah took us to see some sights such as the Center of the Universe (google it, it’s so worth it), and as well as the driller man. She also drove some of the course so we could have some idea of what we were getting ourselves into.

After dropping us off Angie and I had to get to work on our costume…The Bibrave Instagram profile. It was beautiful, and anyone who stopped to take a picture with us got a surprise gift!

Okay okay, now onto the race. The 15k was the last race to start. There’s so many races and categories that the first race, 5k, started at 7:50. With this being such a warm day, it would’ve been so much better for the 15k runners to start at 7:50 instead of 9:00. By that time, it was already warm and it would only continue to get warmer as the race progressed. Also, with there being such a good chunk of time between the 5k and 15k it would’ve been awesome to have a challenge to run both to earn an extra challenge medal.

The start from the race was quick and Sarah and her husband, Donovan, met us at the hotel and acted as our support crew for the day. These are the sweetest people ever as they brought donuts and Sarah kept water on her at all times to make sure we were hydrated.

The start was a self-seeding corral by pace, or pacer, and I truly had no game plan, but Angie was kind enough to sacrifice her race time to stay back with little ol’ me, no matter how much I insisted that she just leave me to be my turtle self. But she didn’t because she’s a real, legit friend. At 9:00 we were off, I love a race that starts on time. The race takes you through downtown for a bit and past some beautiful churches, Cherry St. and up a hill into a residential area.

Going into this race, I didn’t expect much as far as course scenery, but I found it to be quite fantastic and a great distraction from the hills. Speaking of hills, this is a hilly course. There aren’t major hills, it’s just seemed to be a bit of a constant roll which is something I personally was not ready for.

Sarah was scheduled to be between the 4k and 5k mark and it was great to see her and Donovan out there cheering us on!

I could’ve stayed and talked forever with them, but there was a race to run and we met up with them at the 9k mark. We met up with them again and then we could hear something coming up behind us… the dinosaurs were catching up to us!

Since this race was so close to Halloween there were lots of runners and spectators dressed up, including this guy dressed up as eleven who had his own beer stop. Angie took advantage of this extra stop.

Across the street there was orange juice and…JELLO SHOTS!!!! Of course I stopped for one and it gave me the energy boost to run up Boston Hill. I made it about a 1/3 of the way up.😂

We came to the last official water stop, which like all of the others had water first and gatorade second, which I will forever argue is backwards, and each station had a different flavor of gatorade.

The course loops back towards where it started at and the next thing you know, you’re crossing the finish line. You’re immediately given your medal and a nice ICE COLD towel which was perfect for this day. Followed by that you get a full size candy bar, sandwich lunch pack from McCalisters, a reusable ice pack, and a tote bag. But that’s not all, there was also a beer garden and a ticket to score some cute mini donuts which were warm and perfect.

After chatting with Sarah, Donovan, Richard (from the United Relay), and his Sherry we all decided that the runners would shower and we would meet back up at a restaurant called Elote that was close to our hotel and the finish.

I was excited to try this place out because Elote is a classic Mexican street food and I knew that they HAD to have delish food here. And they did. I got the puffy tacos per Sarah’s recommendation and they were amazing. I also got a strawberry margarita and it was the most refreshing drink I’ve ever had in my life.

After eating and a little bit and some Lucha libre. Oh! This place also had a Lucha libre, Mexican wrestling, ring and allowed Angie and I to has out our differences on who had the better tacos.

 Once that we settled we headed down to Pinkitzels for some cupcakes and candy and enjoyed another brief walking tour of the city.

Anyways, we all departed our separate ways and Angie and I settled in for a nap. After we (I) woke up, we set up to eat pizza at a place Sarah recommended but it was way crowded. So we settled for a local chain to satisfy my craving. After that we attempted to find some route 66 items and came across the Meadow Gold sign and the blue dome. After that we were spent and called it a night.

We both had a drive to do in the morning so we went to bed early and woke up a bit on the early side so that we can have time to eat at Tally’s Diner on Route 66 before heading out. I got the 2x2x2 and one again, straight heaven. 

After finishing our food we took a final selfie and said our goodbyes. It’s always fun getting to hang out with fellow pros, but it sucks when you have to be an adult and accept that you have to get on the road to make it home at a decent time.

Overall I really enjoyed myself during my time in Tulsa and would return again if there was an option to do the 5k and 15k to earn extra bling. As always you can check out my official BibRave review here, as well others.

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