Nutrabolt Oktoberfest Half Review

***Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Nutrabolt Oktoberfest Half to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!***

Welcome to Aggie Land! The Nutrabolt Oktoberfest Half was one of those races that I just HAD to run because they advertised the swag that they were offering to runners, and it was legit. With College Station being a three hourish drive south for me, I took advantage of this opportunity to run this race with fellow BibRave Pro Sarah.
Communication leading up to the race was amazing, email were sent out about every other day with each one having new information. In addition they sent one final email with links to all the previous emails so there was no way you could miss anything.

Packet pickup was held at Nutrabolt Headquarters, a major title sponsor of the race, in one of their cross fit competition. There had been a mention of an expo that would take place up and until 6:00 and you could do late packet pick up until 8:00. I rushed down to College Station to make it on time, only to be disappointed with the “expo” it was a quick packet pickup arrange by your bib number which was made available beforehand, a I only saw one local running store with a small area selling items. I can honestly say that I did expect a little bit more from the expo. But it is what it is and parking was free and close.

I kept it simple for dinner that night as I was just exhausted so I hit up my favorite Texas grocery store that’s not in N. Texas (HEB!!!!!) and yes I wore my BibRave orange (🙈)and went through a drive through to get my traditional pre-race spaghetti dinner. I had great intentions on working on things and getting to bed on time. But after setting my flat runner, I saw the channel list and watched Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.

Pre/Race: Parking was easy and maps were provided in the emails sent out and it was a short walk to the start line. One of things that I will never forget about this race was how it started. Of course with this being Aggie Land the fight song was played and Sarah participated in some odd what I would call “Aggie Lines” and they said a prayer. Races that pray before the start have a special place in my heart. In a time in which everyone is offended by everything, I respect this race director’s choice to remain in his faith and to speak freely.

Race: The race started on time and took us through a scenic route of the campus. The 10k stayed within the campus, and the half marathon headed out of the campus maybe a mile or so after the 10k/half split. The half continued on through a local neighborhood that definitely had a bunch of college residents, as well as a neighborhood that a fellow runner as I nicknamed as professor island. Overall, it was a nice looking course. There were some hills here and there but I wouldn’t describe this as a hilly course. But just know, around mile 10 there is a hill that will make you question life a little bit. All of the water stations were well stocked and the volunteers were amazing.

Beautiful sunrise. Only in Texas 🤓
The last quarter mile

Post Race: After finishing inside of the famous Kyle Field ( yes I was bummed I didn’t get to actually finish ON the field) you were given your medal, water, and a chance to see if a medic if needed. The post race party was held just outside and you were given your finishers shirt, and stein for your beer. In addition to beer, sticking true to the Oktoberfest theme, they had pretzels, and brats, and a cute cutout to take a German bar maid style of picture.

Overall: It was a good race. It provided a great tour of the A&M campus and the organization and communication for the race is top notch. This is truly a race that cares about the entire experience for their runners from start to finish and I respect that 120%. As always, be sure to check out fellow BibRave Pro Sarah’s and to leave all your race reviews on!

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