Passing the Sniff Test

***Disclaimer: I received a sample of the 2toms StinkFree detergent and StinkFree spray to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!***

The sniff test. We’ve all been there. Checking to see if the pit smell is out of your tech gear, to see if that really is your gym bag, or to find out if those were you shoes you were smelling.

Chances are, those were your shoes, your everyday detergent left horrible smells on your tech gear, and yes, your gym bag smells awful. But that’s okay, because there’s a whole market of product designed just for your smelly active wear. From powders, to balls, to sprays, and detergents there is something for everybody and every budget claiming to be the best of the best. Well, my best of the best is 2toms StinkFree.

You may recall that I reviewed their SportShield Roll-on for my chafing needs a while and fell in love with it. I even still have my original roll, so it’s a quality product that lasts a long time. I recently started using tech specific detergent and found myself not completely in love with the brand I was using at the time.

While it got the sweat smells out, it left this scent behind that I did not care for. If my clothes are going to have a scent it better be lavender or clean linen. This was not. Using the 2toms StinkFree detergent was an easy process. I had the sample pack and used one pack per load. My clothes came out clean, and there wasn’t any scent left behind at all. Major score. Because I was happy I ended up ordering a full size bottle, about 30 medium loads, and this is where I became slightly disappointed. It requires a real measuring cup. I’m a pod user for my detergent because I don’t like to think about how much I need, and this one makes me think which I don’t really enjoy. But if it works, it works, I jut have to focus on finding a designated cup to leave in my laundry room with the appropriate markings.

In addition to the detergent 2toms also has a StinkFree spray for your items that cannot go into the wash. I used this on my gross fitness mat from bootcamp to help me clean it, no stains, no mess, and no more smell.

 I also used it on my shoes, but not just my run shoes. Can I have a coming to Jesus moment here? Flats smell awful after using them on a hot day with sweaty feet. My Toms are not the most forgiving things and washing them is not a true option. While they are clean, they smell.

Using the spray in between wears has made a major difference. I notice that the smell is gone and I can take them off without feeling like I’m going to destroy a village.
Overall I’m happy with the 2toms products. My clothes feel clean and are scent free, and the spray allows me to freshen up items that I cannot wash. But don’t take my word for it, use the code 2toms20 to order your own supply at 20% off and check out the other BibRave Pro reviews below.

Brenda Jeremy Janelle Nora Laura 

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