Going With the Fluo

***Disclaimer: I received  a Rudy Project Sterling Helmet to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!***

If you know me, going with the flow isn’t exactly my thing. I can be quite the difficult and stubborn person. However, Going with the Fluo is something I can get down with, especially when it involves the Rudy Project Sterling Helmet.

Over the pass year I’ve been trying to stay more consistent with my cross training and since I don’t find the gym much fun, swimming or cycling have been my go to exercises. Since I’m not an “advanced” cyclist as I would call it, I was just using a basic helmet from Ross that I honestly don’t even know the brand of and I didn’t think it matter how much you spent because they all protected your noggin.

I was wrong. First off, standard buy and go helmets may not even fit your head properly leaving the captain of your body (teacher mode) at risk in the unfortunate event that you fall and/or crash. The Rudy Project Sterling Helmet comes in two sizes. I obviously opted for the large because not only do I have a big brain, I have big hair.

This brings me to my first favorite thing about the helmet, the fit was amazing. Since I do wear my hair differently I was able to have my straps adjusted relatively loose, and I am get a custom fit every time due the adjustable RSR7 point retention system & 3 position Head Ring. I always felt as if the helmet was stable, without feeling like it too constricted or too loose.

Riding with the helmet was a dream. My old one was very hot and did not offer much ventilation which meant that I was a sweaty mess and I would itch like crazy after a few miles. No such issue in the Sterling helmet, perhaps because it has 18 flow through vents. It even comes with a padded Bug Stop net padding (THANK YOU JESUS) to keep critters out, and you could remove that net and just use the standard padding that came with it. Y’all should already know that I’m not taking the bug guard out.

In addition it comes with an eyewear dock to hold your hater blockers when not in use, an additional snap visor for mountain biking, extra padding, and it’s super light at only 374g. It also comes with a protective bag to keep your helmet scratch free when not in use, also known as me throwing in my backpack when I’ve reached my destination. 

OH! #ButThatColorTho

The available colors on this helmet are beyond amazing. They’re all a nice fluorescent tone and offer extra visibility on the road. I’m loving my pink and blue since it’s goes perfectly with my favorite cycle jersey.


Ready to get your own? There’s two ways, well three.

  1. Join us for #BibChat taking place on Twitter on Oct. 4th for a chance to win
  2. Sign up for the Rudy Project mailing list to get a coupon code then buy.
  3. Go straight here to buy


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