XX2i Australia1 Review

***Disclaimer: I received  a pair of XX2i Australia1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!***

It’s sunny out there. Often times we focus on protecting our skin, and forget to protect our precious eyes. Proper sun protection is not something that should be limited to hot weather months, but a year round necessity. XX2i makes a line of sunglasses for the active individual, as well as the one who wants a pair of everyday casual glasses.

The Australia1 sunglasses are probably the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I have ever worn for sport purposes. The lack of nose pieces makes it much more comfortable, in my opinion, on my face and allows a closer fit, which is my personal preference. I got the sunglasses in matte black but they do come with different color options.

As with every pair of XX2i sunglasses it comes with a hard case, soft case (ouch), stickers, and a padded insert. These glasses also came with a strap to use to change from glasses arms to a strap.

I can honestly say that I did not run with the glasses strap. I already have enough stuff on my head including the headlamp, and did not want to risk any additional discomfort. Also, I have big hair… just not a good combination. However, I can see this being useful for those extra sweaty runs or high impact activity that may require more glasses adjustment than normal. To replace the arms for the strap was very easy via what I call a quick release button and inserting them into place.

The padded insert could be use to kinda “seal” in the eyes from extra elements in the world. I personally did not have a need from these but they would be useful during more elemental activities such as mountain biking, or participating in SUP activities.

Being a normal glasses runner it was nice that XX2i offered these in the form of a prescription. Unfortunately my prescription was too strong and was unable to be fulfilled but XX2i is working to be able to handle strong prescriptions. Either way, it did not stop me from using the glasses. I often find it nice to run “blind” as it gives me the opportunity to really focus on my run and not so much the world around me. The first thing I noticed about these, no fog!
Even during the head I would occasionally find myself dealing with foggy glasses, I had no issues with that. Also, for whatever reason, I had less sweat in my eyes, which was such sweet relief.

I also had no issues adjusted to the polarized lenses, I actually appreciated the view through the lenses. The colors were more vibrant while keeping the sun at bay.

Another important thing to note, there are not any rubber tips on the end of the arms of the glasses. Meaning I did not have any discomfort when putting them on and taking them off as they did not snag or pull my hair which is a BIG issue for me. Yet they remain comfortable even with headbands, and Bluetooth headphone fighting for valuable real estate above my ears.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced pair of sport sunglasses with a lifetime warranty XX2i is definitely the brand you want to turn to. To sweeten the deal the code XX2iRocks will give you 50% off any pair of sunglasses. So I highly recommend that you check out their website and see which glasses will be the best fit for you.

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