Hydrate & Chill

***Disclaimer: I received  Ultima to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!***

It’s no secret that it is hotter than heck in Texas right now.

Because of this I REALLY have to step of my hydration game by drinking more not only during my runs but also when I’m doing daily activities. But just drinking water can just be boring and while it’s good for you, it could be better.

I’m used to basic hydration tabs that add in electrolytes and maybe some potassium, but I don’t believe I’ve ever had such a super drink like I have had with Ultima. Ultima comes in a variety of serving sizes (individual sticks, 30 serving container, & 90 serving) and different flavors (cherry pomegranate, lemonade, orange, grape, & raspberry). They also have a toddler formula as well to keep little people happy.

Ultima recently changed their formulas to make it better for you. They decreased the amount of powder you need in your water, while increasing the amount of water used. The way I see it, is that you get more bang for your buck this way. It still comes in a 0 calories and 0 carbs in a much stronger package.

So what’s inside each mix? Well, Ultima explains it the best. 

📸: Ultimareplinisher.com

I personally tested out the raspberry and lemonade flavors and sweet baby Jesus I am in love. The first flavor I had was raspberry because it was in the stick pack and it was easy. The color is makes is beautiful and taste does not disappoint either. Lemonade came in the 30 serving container and I did not expect much flavor because they scoop was so freaking tiny. Again, I was wrong, it was the perfect summer lemonade flavor. I actually found myself mixing the lemonade flavor with my amino acids to help boost that flavor to something more fun.

Also, none of the flavors left my mouth coated in sugar, I didn’t have any jitters, GI issues, I didn’t have to go to the bathroom 8,000 times, and it was easy. I found myself drinking Ultima all the time in place of my regular water. I keep a shaker bottle with me at work so it was easy to mix. I will say that it can be a bit difficult to mix in a water bottle, just makes sure you leave enough room at the top of the bottle to give the mixture room to mix.

I’ve already placed an additional order for Ultima at 35% off and with free shipping, and so can you by using code BibRave2016 (expiration date unknown). After trying out numerous hydration mixes I can finally say that I’ve found one that has really kept me going strong during these hot summer runs, and the days.

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