Week 6 Update!

So I planned to get this out yesterday for training Tuesday, but cheese fries happened. I don’t think I need to explain that any further.

Last week was a struggle. I was just exhausted. 

Tuesday was another 4 miles, 2 at HM pace which actually worked out quite well. I was finally able to knock out negative splits for my HM miles, barely, but I did it! 

Wednesday was scheduled to be an easy 3, but I could not get out of bed that morning and ended up working late for a friend and was beat by the end of the day. So I skipped it. I did play a mean game of kickball with the elementary kids though. 

Thursday… Love Thursdays. I feel as if the track can make or break you as a runner. For the first time I had 200m repeats at the end of my already pretty intense workout. Basically it ended with me happily agreeing, and halfway requesting, to have 200m repeats added to end of every track workout. I got my last one in at :46, talk about a much needed confidence booster. 

Saturday, long run Saturday was great! I felt strong and confident during my nine miles, and even got to meet up with Dara for part of my last three back home. While our high five picture might’ve been an epic fail, the fun and the miles we covered was not. 

As the days become closer to August I’m getting more excited, not just for the start of the school year, but a much needed racecation will be right around the corner for me. The Ventura Marathon is truly providing a customizable experience by allowing the participants to vote on swag via their Facebook page. They’re also holding training runs combined with potlucks to keep everyone excited about the race. If you’re interesting in running using the coupon code BibRave2016X will save you $5 off any distance. 

Until next time,

Happy running. 


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