Staying Strong!

Summer is in full swing here in Texas. As the weather gets hotter it’s seems so much easier to just go out to eat and drink in a nice air conditioned restaurant. But that’s not the easiest choice. Earlier this month I posted about the Bob’s Redmill protein powder I’ve been using as a part of being a SweatPink ambassador. 
I must say that I LOVE these protein powders. They are so tasty and easy to customize you never get bored with having the same flavor every single day. Which is typically the problem with most protein powders. My recent favorite addiction, adding chocolate PB2 to my shakes to add some peanut butter goodness to it.

Coming in at 20g of protein, being gluten free, as well as vegan the protein shake has been the perfect meal replacement for breakfast. Even though it’s kind of hard to replace a meal I never really are before. Usually my breakfast was a cup of coffee with all the creamer under the sun added to it. I would be hungry within an hour. I no longer have that problem.

And since I’m doing something healthier for my body I’m now making smarter choices with my snack. Instead of hitting the vending machine, my new addiction has been triscuit and taco inspired hummus.

With the help of Bob’s Redmill I know I will be able to lose the last few pounds I’ve been trying to take off just in time for my upcoming half marathon in September.
That’s not all, you have a chance to win a protein powder in a flavor of your choice! I must say the chai is delish and is a unique flavor that does not disappoint.

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Giveaway is also listed on the Linkup Erica Finds & SD Running Mom!


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