Disclaimer: I received a sample pack of Generation UCan SuperStarch to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!
Running and geling. It seems to be all I ever do during my long runs or speed workouts. But the truth is, I’m tired of gels. They’re sticky, sugary, weird tasting at times, and just yuck. But I still use them anyways, whenever my stomach allows, which as of recently it has not been very accepting of gel products. Because of this I jumped at the opportunity to try out Generation UCan SuperStarch.

I’ve been hearing tidbits here and there about it, but never anything negative. Following fellow BibRave Pro Heather’s tweet asking if anyone knew about it, the response was overwhelming with recommendations and positive feedback. It made me really excited to try it.

Upon receiving the package it came with two books with more detailed information such as what makes the SuperStarch so unique. The SuperStarch is a slow release carb, meaning you’re not going to get that spike of energy that sends you downhill just as fast. Also, it has a lower calorie count than most gels, or sport drinks & bars on the market. For giggles let’s say you’re headed out for a 90 minute run, which is what one serving of the SuperStarch will power you through, you’re going into intake 130 calories from the SuperStarch pending you mix it with water (yes you can mix the product with other liquids!). With other leading gels that recommend you take one gel before, and one gel for every 45 minutes of exercise you’re looking at a total of three gels, at 100 calories each, that’s 300 calories. For an energy bar and sports drink combo you’re also looking at 300 calories.

And this is where the fun part of the SuperStarch comes in at. With the latter of the two options you’re going to spend your 90 minutes working to burn off that 300 calories before anything else. With the SuperStarch you will end up burning fat instead of sugar calories. And of this with no GI distress! 

With that, I highly recommend that you check out the Generation UCan website for more information behind the science of it, and please take the time to watch the short video about Jonah, the reason for the SuperStarch.

So how does it taste?

Well, it depends on what you like. I would say the flavors for the most part are true to the package label. Texture wise, it is a bit chalky but several other pros have reporting mixing it in a nutrabullet, and Generation UCan reached out directly on twitter saying mixing part of it with hot water would help as well.
Package directions state to mix with 8-12 fl oz of water, & consume 30 minutes prior to working out, but it honestly does not matter how much or how little water you use since you will still get the same results. Some people use minimal water to make gels, I’m personally not interested in doing that…yet. I attempted to use as little water (not a good idea, it was way too thick for me) as possible since I am a roll out of bed and go type and I DO NOT consume that much liquid before a run, or any food really. Just few sips and I’m out the door. So for my personal routine it was hard to adjust to have this much of liquid to intake 30 minutes before.

But it’s worth it.

When I first took it I just simply wrote my great runs off as I was just having a good day. Coming off a great week of runs using the starch to not using the starch I immediately noticed a difference. I just felt as if I didn’t have “it” in me. I used it for my long runs, and for my mid-week speed workouts and I even felt the effects carrying over to me being at work shortly after finishing the run. It’s a legit product.

I have been so impressed by this product that I went to my local running store and bought two of the flavors missing from the sample pack, cinnamon delite, and blueberry pomegranate, which I cannot wait to try out. Everyone has a different flavor profile but my personal favorites so far would have to be the Cocoa & Cranberry-Raspberry. Other pros will have different opinions, but we’re all unique individuals who simply like different tastes, doesn’t mean the product is horrible. For those that do not like any flavor they do offer a plain option that would probably be amazing in some smoothies.

I know I will be using the code BIBRAVE to save 15% off my order of Ucan and you Ucan (see what I did there) do the same as well. As always, don’t forget to join us on #BibChat every Tuesday at 8 pm CST.
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