62 Days to Ragnar 

Okay, I had way more than 62 days to prepare for this race… But 62 days felt like the appropriate number is probably the amount of days I spent with the main goal being “finishing a Ragnar Relay”. It all dates back to June when I found out about Ragnar coming to Austin, I really wanted to do it and just posted a simple post on the event page about looking for a team. Within hours I was picked up by this angel named Melody to join her team, The Brew Crew, and was allowed to invite two friends. 
Fast forward months of anxiety of waiting it was finally time to Ragnar. I’m not gonna lie I was nervous. I didn’t know half my team, I ran under the whole team pace, I was scared about running on some back road at night, I didn’t know how the van situation would work… I simply didn’t know. 

More importantly, I didn’t know how much fun that I would have. I didn’t know that I would chat with my fellow teammates that I just met that morning as if I had known them forever. I didn’t know what a thrill it would be to yell at people outside of a car window. I didn’t know porta-potties could be clean. I didn’t know that cheering for others is rewarding or how much fun decorating and tagging cars would be. 

 I didn’t know exactly how hilly hill country was. I didn’t know I would run about 20-30 seconds under the pace I put, not a big deal but important to me. But most importantly, I didn’t know that I would give anything to go back into that weekend and do it all over again. 


 I truly expected it to be a one hit wonder, and it wasn’t. 


Not my favorite pic of me but Kevin photobombing makes this hilarious
Ragnar makes you tired. Sleep deprived, rungry, crazy, excited, and alive. It makes you know yourself better, stronger runner, and a Ragnarian. Sure I could post about the runs, and my miles and all that jazz… But why? It’s so much more than that… True running is essential, but it’s also about a team. A team of people who are on the same mission… To run and have a good time, and that’s what I did. 


Van 1 Representing!
The Brew Crew
So hats off to you Ragnar, you’ve changed my perspective on overnight races, porta potties, running in the middle of nowhere at dark thirty, you’ve changed my perspective of myself. A fire has been fueled, and I’m now more dedicated than over to knock out some new goals and really work on becoming a healthy runner. I hope to be a strong runner by the time I run Ventura in September, but until then, I’ll have Ragnar on my mind

Kudos Ragnar…Kudos


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