Getting it Together

You know, I’m always envious of how bloggers can blog so consistently. It seems that if I don’t have a deadline set in front of me it never gets done. I’m slowly attempting to change that. 

Here’s how life has been. Running has been great, I feel stronger, I feel more confident, I am happy. I teamed up with follow BibRave Pro Jen S. to be my running coach. She’s up north but delivers me the perfect plans to push me out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately this hasn’t been an easy process as it seems as if I’ve been getting sick every other week. Illness combined with shaky asthma does not lead to great runs. Fortunately, she’s been very encouraging and has still pushed me to the next level. 

With that being said… Two weeks ago I ran Rock n Roll Dallas for my 3rd year in a row. This race was my first official half marathon and holds a special place in my runners heart. Looking back from that girl at the start line who was ready to crap her pants and quit before she even started and comparing her to who I am today is just priceless. 


The day before I ran the 5k, and it was your basic fair park 5k that was only 2.85 miles long. Lame. 

Every year that I have run the course they have changed the route. This year, was the hardest course to date. It’s already hard enough running on the streets of Dallas near commerce with all of the construction and uneven roads but add in finding every hill in Dallas and you have a pretty challenging course. So first off… Looped entrance ramps to a freeway should be illegal for races… It’s just too much of a never ending winding hill. 


At least they had fun signs at the top
 Secondly… Mile nine hill. Yup. Bye bye time goal. 


I didn’t take a picture of the hill, but this was funny
Third(ly)-mile 12- it was a slow and painful death. Just a long stretch of nothing that I swear was on an incline, and adding in runners that decide to run across the cones and onto the rail tracks and ignore that loud horn of the train behind him. I don’t need to race to get canceled because you got hit by a train when I’m this close to the finish. 

 Lastly, who puts a finish line at the top of a hill? I didn’t even attempt to look decent for the pictures. I was angry. No amount of Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders could take the anger away. Besides, it was just a reminder that I still don’t have abs. 

Finally, VIP was okay. It has been better in previous years. I was sad that the only alcoholic beverage option was beer. Last year they had mimosas. I love mimosas. Beer, not so much. 

Overall, I had a blast at this race. I got to run with my favorite people, Dara, and Twitter Jen and meet up with the We Run Social crew and walked away with an exclusive coffee cup. I had the best French fries ever at the omni and spent too many hours on the dart. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

One last thing. I managed to get an eight second PR. I’ll take it, I even PR’d my 10k time quite a bit just in time for my next adventure. Ragnar Relay Austin!!!

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