Stop the Chub Rub

Disclaimer: I received 2toms SportShield roll-on and wipes for her to review as a BibRave Pro. Check out to learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and also to find and write race reviews! 
Chub rub… We’ve all been there, regardless if we’re chubby or not. Chafing is just part of nature, even more so part of the running community. We could go into the details of why we chafe but it’s really quite simple. When two things rub together is creates friction, if these two things don’t have some sort of lubricant in between them the two items will wear. This can be found on the inner thighs of your favorite jeans, or when you get in a shower after a run and you swear the water was sent from evil minions. 

Regardless of your shape, size, body mechanics some rubbing will happen, wether it’s your thighs, back of your shoe, hydration pack… It just happens and as runner we have to protect ourselves. Say no to the petroleum jelly on a stick at aid stations and say “YES!” to 2Toms!
Upon receiving the package I was hesitant about a roll-on. Would it be too wet? Would it last? Would it stain my clothes? Would it work? Is it cold? Does it smell weird? Will I have a reaction to it? Will it make me run faster?


My first time trying this product was at a local 5k, I was lazy and didn’t put it on before I left the house and just threw the roll-on in my purse to apply there. It was quick and easy, I really liked how I could visually see where I had placed the product so I knew I didn’t miss any spots. However, due to this visibility if you’re wearing light colored bottoms or clothing, you will see the product until it dries. Lucky for me I was wearing a sparkle skirt so it didn’t look like I peed myself.


I will spare y’all the true picture, but look, no staining!
It didn’t stain my shorts which was a major plus, wasn’t cold, didn’t smell weird and yes it worked. In my opinion, it lasted longer than other options for anti-chafe and it provided a smoother lubricant as well. It didn’t irritate my skin which is great, and it wasn’t sticky or messy at all. 
After that first race I was a believer and instantly put the wipes in my purse for on the go purposes. I’m happy I did. All it takes is a warm Saturday afternoon, a dress, and new flats to make a girl uncomfortable. Luckily, I had the wipe and was able to give some relief under the dress and on feet. 


Threw in my belt just in case my socks and shoes didn’t agree
Overall: The wipes and roll-on are quite fantastic. The roll on is small enough to carry in a belt or backpack for application mid run and you don’t have to worry about trash, and the wipes are great for on the go last minute emergencies, or for when you don’t have room for the roll on. Also, with 20% off with the code 2Toms20 (valid until the end of April) it’s definitely worth a try. I know 2Toms will be my new official go to brand, and will continue to use it, because guess what!? I’ve been chafe free all year because of it. 


Being chafe free makes me want to dance
And it’s based in Texas! Yee-Haw! 

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