BeFit all Year!

*disclaimer: I received BeFit Nutrition products as part of being a sweatpink ambassador, all opinions are my own.*

Nutrition is where I often make the most mistakes in my daily diet. With so many companies telling you to take this before you workout, and this afterwards, and have this for your meal and don’t forget to take this supplement before this meal it’s very hard to narrow down which product, or products will work best for you. 
I know for me, I just wanted something natural, something that was good for me and tasted halfway decent. Enter BeFit

BeFit a youtube channel that offers a gym quality workout from the comfort of your home, office, hotel, parking lot, wherever you access to a screen and internet. It’s convenient and it easy and eliminates the excuses for not getting a workout in for the day.

In addition they offer a complementary line of all natural, yup…natural, products to help compliment your new workout regiment. Now, let’s talk about these in order of use…or at least for me.

Pre-Workout. It’s a fruit flavored powdered that you mix in 6oz of water about 15 minutes before your workout. I’m not the most versed person at the science behind this product because well…I’m not a genius but what I do know is that it uses natural ingredients to naturally kick start my ATP production (AKA Energy). I personally didn’t care for the taste but it such a small amount and it does it job…so who am I to complain… 2 minutes of a drink for an 30+ minutes awesome workout?

Whey protein powder. I’ll be honest, I don’t think there’s anything outstanding about any protein powder unless they have really unique flavors. BeFit offers chocolate and vanilla that you can easily jazz up to your liking, I’m just not that dedicated and they were pretty tasty on their own, and didn’t leave a chalky taste in my mouth. They use a slow release protein called casein to help with recovery as well as the whey protein isolate to help you feel fuller faster. Another great thing about this is that it is sweetened with stevia and not artificial ingredients.

Lastly, it comes the burn. I’m torn on this product, it’s designed to take before your largest meal(s) of the day not to exceed two doses in a 24 hour period. This is to act a thermogenic, and raising your body temperature thus increasing your metabolism. Personally I’m not a fan of thermogenics, I get plenty hot on my own and those that I do have experience with I’m used to have them as part of a pre-workout, not a pre-dinner. But it is used to kinda assist with a healthy weight loss plan to help curb appetites and help to maintain healthy blood sugars levels.

So now you’re wondering, “how much will this cost me!?” the answer is… $120. Yup.
Or FREE if you enter and win my giveaway via rafflecopter below. Just to give you a heads up here’s what you need to do to enter.

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