Food for Thought…

(Disclaimer: I received five Luvo meals to review as a BibRave Pro. Check out to learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and also to find and write race reviews! 
If you know me you know that I love a good meal, but I often fine myself consuming the not so great kind of good meal. Why? Because it’s simply convenient. Being always on the go, and being single, cooking isn’t always the easiest or most cost effective choice, so I often find myself either eating out, or those classic frozen meals that means we can skip dish duty for the day. But the reality is… Those trays are loaded up with so much junk, ingredients we can’t pronounce, fat, sugars, and sodium. So, is it really all that healthy and lean for you? Probably not. 

That’s where Luvo comes in. They have a true philosophy for their food, and I dare you to go the other frozen food sites to find their philosophies. 

Food should be delicious. Food should be nutritious. The smart choice should be the easy choice. Food should come from a good place. -Luvo Inc. 

That’s a philosophy I can agree with. Upon receiving the meals I was super exited to not cook for the next few days, and to taste. Most of these meals had ingredients I’ve never had before such as polenta, steel cut oats, a whole grain mixture, etc. so basically all the stuff I should eat but don’t because I’m lazy. All the meals come in a recycled steaming pouch and slides out for the perfect presentation. So let’s talk food. 

Farmers Market Frittata- it had a great creaminess from the cheese, wasn’t overly spicy, but it had mushrooms. I strongly dislike mushrooms so this was probably my least favorite. But I still ate it. 

Steel Cut Oatmeal- just yum. That’s all I can really say. The texture was beyond perfect and the fruit was just delicious. I would even eat this for dessert it was so darn tasty.   

Remember that perfect presentation I told you about? This is it. This was probably my favorite meal overall. Orange Mango Chicken, the flavors were delish, and I actually enjoyed the textures of the whole grains (I’m very picky about the textures of my foods), and the broccoli and kale is something I now want to make on my own as a side. 

When it comes to the Red Wine and Braised Beef this is where it gets complicated. First off, I had a similar frozen entree, that was smaller that I decided to compare nutrition side by side. Luvo won, hands down. 
Also, I accidentally cut the bag open before microwaving. I guess I was in such shock about the other meal! But, it allowed me to look inside to how that perfect presentation works. 

And… It was the most delicious beef ever. It tasted like real food, as they all do! 

This could probably be because Luvo uses hormone/antibiotic free meet, and GMO free foods to produce their meals. 
Lastly, I had the Chicken Chili Verde with Black Beans. It smelled great, had fantastic flavor, and it wasn’t overly “beany”. It also made me realize that I love polenta. 

Overall: solid B+. The foods are delicious and taste real and mimic the actual textures of the foods. My only reason for not giving them an A is because of the higher cost, granted you are getting better food but the portions are a little small and I still have a budget. 

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