Live. Love. Run.

I really love running. I do.

I never thought I would love running as much I thought I would, but I do. With this weekend of racing, I’ve felt inspired. I’m ready to start training again, and I have some great races coming up that I cannot wait to participate in. But as we know with running and runners, we all have our favorite gear that we wouldn’t dare run without. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I’ve compiled my favorite running items.

Just follow the numbers!
  1. Sparkle Athletic Skirts- I love these, they add a little extra “something” to my race day outfits to make me feel great.
  2. Garmin Forerunner 620- While I don’t understand it, it’s the perfect GPS watch for tracking my runs, and I love #AlltheData
  3. Plantronics BackBeat Bluetooth Headphone- Who wants wires?
  4. RoadID- Gotta be safe out there, in case of an emergency first responder will know who you are, allergies, and emergency contact information.
  5. 2xu- I love their high quality compression gear for running and for recovery. Save 20% with the code RUN20
  6. Orange Mud- Best hydration vests ever, just go check out the website.
  7. GU Gels- They’re my go-to for energy gels, I’ve used them since Day 1 and I love their creative flavors.
  8. Believe Training Journal- Great for logging your miles and any extra information about your runs.
  9. 2Toms Sport Shield- It’s roll-on anti-chafing product, code 2Toms20 for 20% off. #StoptheChubRub
  10. KT Tape- I’m injury prone, I’m held together by KT Tape
  11. Buff- I love Buff and all of their products, I’m a big fan of the Half Buff. It protects my hair without breaking it off, and it allows me to wear it multiple ways for when new conditions come up.
  12. ProCompression- Compression socks…the peanut butter to my jelly, for my legs at least. Love the different colors and designs ProCompression offers.
  13. Momentum Jewelry- Who doesn’t need a little inspiration on the run, and in life! These wraps have customizable sayings to help you get through the rough patches through the day.

Since everything couldn’t fit in the picture I’ll list my last two favorite things.

14. Coupon Codes- I love discounts to races and products, you can view my page of them right here.

15. BibRave- As a BibRave Pro I’ve had some amazing opportunity to run bucket list races and test awesome gear. Before being a BibRave Pro, was my go to place for race reviews, it’s like the yelp of running. Also, their weekly twitter chats (Tuesdays at 8 PM CST), allows me the opportunity to connect to runners across the world for encouragement and advice.

And there you have it, my favorite products that keep me running.

Happy Running Y’all.

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