2XU Hyoptik Thermal Tight Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of
2XU Hyoptik Tights to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about
becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find
and write race reviews!

I’ll admit it, I tend to pick up my running gear with the
style of funcationality mindsiet versus the functionality over style. I like to
look good when I’m out there running, it makes me feel confident in my run,
because sometimes… running sucks. This is exactly why I was so happy to be able
to try out the 2XU Hyoptik Compression Tight.

I’ve always been a fan of 2XU every since I bought
my first tri suit that was made by them and later my favorite pair of recovery
tights the Elite MCS. They’ve always been stellar in my book and I’ve always
had positive experience with customer services in regards to my millions of
questions I have when placing an order.

The Hyoptik (high-optic) tights are designed to
keep you visible when running in low-light conditions. All of the design work
on the exterior of the tight it made of a reflective material which light up
light a Christmas tree whenever light hits it.

That’s just one function of the tight, the other is
that it is actually a thermal tight. When I imagine thermal tights I instantly
think of a hot fleece lining. These did not have that, thank goodness. They
were just slightly thicker than my other 2XU Elite MCS tights, but still
provided the warmth that I need when doing my coldest race of the year, which I
also had the volunteer shift to do in 30 degree temperatures and no sunlight.

Now keep in mind that these are not just thermal
reflective tights, they are also compression tights. I LOVE compression tights.
They hold in my jiggles in place and make me look super fast. Studies have also
shown that compression gear can help with your performance and recovery times,
all good things in my book. With that being said when you get them out the box
you will wonder if this was made for a child, but it’s not. They stretch out
and go on quite well without any sheerness in the rear area. Yes, I did bend
and test and used flash to test and I’ll spare y’all the horror and I won’t
post those pictures. But still, please pay close attention to the sizing

The pictures also included a pocket to hold either
a few house keys or a car key as well as no drawstring (thank you Jesus).
Here’s my overall thoughts, and reactions to the tights.

*   Warm,
but not overly warm

*   No
added weight even though it’s a thermal tight

*   Awesome
reflective logos, not just lame stripes here and there

*   True
compression. It’s a well fitted product, I don’t feel as if any part of my body
is missing out on the compression.

*   Key
Pocket (because I always forget my belt every once in a while)

*   Easy
to wear under regular clothes for a quick and easy change

*   A+
company with fantastic customer service 

Now, stop reading and go here to get your own
snazzy pair of Hyoptik tights here.

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