Laissez les bon temps rouler! 5k

Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Louisiana Marathon 5k to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

This was my second race out of the great ol’ state of Texas
and I was excited to run it. The Louisiana Marathon keeps your attention through their eye
catching graphics and with how active they are on social media sites to keep
people interested. One of the things I enjoyed about this race was that it was
a weekend, and consisted of two days of running. In most races if you complete
more than one event you are rewarded with an extra medal, in the case of this
race that extra medal is a crawfish tray for their Déjà vu Award. I had to have
one, and no I do not eat crawfish. I decided on the 5k for my first race and it
did not disappoint.

This race offered lots of pre-race communication including
emails leading up to race week with final information, such as course/parking
maps, expo information, bib numbers, race guides, etc. I personally like the
pre-race emails as they get you excited, it similar to when your parents would
put another gift under the Christmas tree.


The morning of the race Angie, fellow BibRave Pro, and I met in the hotel lobby and walked to the race start. Since I could not make it in town in time Friday night to
pick up my packet for the Saturday morning race the race offered a proxy pickup
and a fellow BibRave Pro was able to pick it up for me with a copy of my ID and
confirmation emails (there’s no race day PPU). She was also very nice enough to leave it at my hotel,
which I greatly appreciate and made for an easier morning.


Pre-Race: Very standard, it was a self seeding corral and
was mixed in with the quarter folks so we all started at the same time. I was
able to meet up with a local Texas runner as well as fellow Pro and packet
receiver Jen. We took our official BibRave picture and headed to our spots. 


was crowded, very crowded. It stayed crowded. I got to the point in which I
gave up trying to fight for a pace to settle into. Besides, I had to keep in
mind that I had a half marathon to run the next day. 


There was nothing fancy
about the scenery. The only true scenic place you past is the old governor’s
mansion. Other that, it’s just your typical out and back 5k course. Things did
thin out a bit once you approached the bridge after mile one so I was able to
finish happily.

But then I got photobomed by Cookie Monster.


After collecting your designated medal you are given a
bottle of water and sent down the chute towards the capital building and
finishers party. Immediately exiting the runner’s corral there’s a recovery
stretching tent and Core protein shakes. But the really good stuff is inside.


Each bib came with a tasting wristband that gives you six
tastes at the local vendors. There was so much food and beer, and it was
greatness. This was the biggest finishers festival I have ever seen for a
5k/10k EVER, and I’ve done some pretty big name ones. I was stuffed like a
turkey and ready to roll back like a turkey.


On the way back to hotel we decided to stop by the expo to
check it out since we missed it the day before. It was your standard midsized
expo. It has security, bib number look-ups, an area to pick up bibs, and a
separate shirt retrieval area. Very organized. There was also a table set up to
pick up VIP wristbands as well, or to purchase an entry into VIP.


Upon leaving you are greeted by the fine folks of community
coffee and I may have gotten addicted to their King Cake coffee. It’s just
delicious. Right next to that area Tasc, who has all of the official LA
Marathon clothing, had their area set up with goodies. The lines were pretty
long and I decided that I would wait until race day to purchase. There were
your standard vendors, including medal holders, KT Tape, local races, a bank, doctor’s
office, etc. 


By the end of it I needed to chill for a minute and get some
food. Besides, I had a half marathon to run in the morning! 

You can read about the half marathon by clicking here.

Interested in the Quarter
or the Full? Check out fellow BibRave Pro Angie reviews by clicking the respective
names above.

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