Disclaimer: I received a pair of XX2i
USA1 Sunglasses to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about
becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!


Let’s face it, running during the
sunny days of the year can be downright annoying on the eyes. So the obvious
solution is to run with sunglasses, but your everyday duck face selife aviators
aren’t going to cut it whenever you’re running fast or hitting the trails. Nor
are they going to work while cycling, and I need sunglasses for both. XX2i is
the baby sister of the Rudy Project, which you may recognize as a key component
of the Iron Cowboy and his 50/50/50 Ironman Triathlon journey. Therefore, they
produce nothing but quality eyewear, just a lower price with different


Upon receiving the sunglasses I
was impressed by the items they sent with these glasses. You get two cases, one
hard one soft (bag), stickers, standard eye glasses tool kit, and pieces to
change the colors of the nose piece and tips that go behind the ears (can’t
think of the name) and you option to purchase additional lenses to change out
the color.


Instantly put them on and they
were just so comfortable. It’s hard to find a pair of glasses that instantly
feel comfortable, I took them out for a run the next day. I just did a quick jaunt around a local park and was really testing key components.

*Please ignore the smudges… this is real legit testing going on here lol*


*   Bouncing

*   Sliding

*   Visibility

*   Sun

*   Discomfort

I must say, it performed quite well for a $60 pair of

*   No

*   Didn’t
slide or move around

*   I
was expecting everything to be blue because of the lenses, but it was a perfect
brownish/grayish that still allowed me to see other colors just fine.

*   No
sun in my eyes! And no glares or “sun spots”

*   With
no bouncing or pressure from the frames they were beyond perfect.


I even took these out for a thirteen miler… no issues at all. I typically carry both sunglasses and my prescription glasses because I get agitated with my aviators and the lenses are too dark and that doesn’t help with my already poor vision. This was not the case during this run, and that makes me so happy to have sunglasses I can feel comfortable running “blind” in.


I would like to say that these are just for running, but I
use them for everything, driving, sitting at the park, or sitting on a patio
for happy hour. Even my mother has become quite fond of them and takes them
whenever I set them down. Therefore, guess who’s going to get their own pair so
that they can leave mine alone? I must say that I don’t blame her, they’re fantastic for everyday wear as well, it’s nice having a product that I can use for running and and or the rest of my life. 


For a great pair of running and everyday sunglasses I do
think the xx2i brand are the best way to go. It’s perfect for the person who
wants a good quality pair, but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that all
of the higher brands, such as the Rudy Project, bring (along with a higher
price tag).

If being at $60 wasn’t enough to convince you, using the
code XX2iRocks to save 50%! That’s straight up ½ off. So click here to get your own…It’s a win win!

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