Stay Thirsty…

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

After running my first half marathon back in March 2014 I officially declared that I would never ever run with a water belt again. NEVER. It was great during training but not during the race. It added unneeded bulk to my waist and I was tired of having on my waist by the end and carrying it around was not easy. Also, it only holds about 16oz between two bottles so it really does not offer much hydration during the Texas summers. So I went a hydration backpack. It was great it did what I needed it to, but it was a pain. Cleaning the bladder, the tube, refilling without spilling, closing it. My goodness. It was a lot of work for just water, and I didn’t always need 50oz of water all the time. But at the time I didn’t know any other options existed. Then through Instagram I became familiar with a company called Orange Mud.

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They specialize in creating hydration packs, vests, and the popular transition towels to keep runners and their items close by without creating extra bulk. The extra bulk is key, because with the hydration backpacks there still wasn’t enough room to carry all the extras without getting a super huge one. Therefore, I still had to wear a belt to hold my keys, phone, gels, lip balm, etc. Just more bulk that I didn’t need.

The HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1, it’s perfect, even though it doesn’t have glitter or some sort of sparkle. One of the key things I liked about this is the fact that I can use virtual any water bottle with it. It comes with a 25oz bottle which is plenty of fluids for shorter runs, or running long during this time of the year. Since it’s a basic water bottle it’s easy to refill and cleaning is as simple as throwing in the dishwasher. This really comes in handy for when you want to refill at a water station or water fountain. Try doing that with a hydration bladder and tells me how it works out for you.

The vest comes with an adjustable strap to raise or lower how high you want your water bottle to make it easy to reach. I personally raised mine due to a poor range of motion I have, at least that’s my excuse. There are also straps on the side to help you adjust the vest more to your body so that there is no chafe, or bouncing. It also includes reflective trim to help increase visibility while running  Clip the straps in the front together, or leave them off and your’re good to go.


Anywhere, pockets galore. The two front pockets are drawstring and one easily holds my keys, and iPhone 6s+ with room to spare. The other can hold about five gels, plus some chews with no issues.

There are also two Velcro pockets on each of the straps that I found were perfect for single servings of an electrolyte hydration.

On the back on both sides of the water bottle are two large Velcro pockets. This is great for keeping gloves, Buff, or in my case, a selfie stick. For you fancy people that’ll probably be for your GoPro.

Running with it is such a breeze, I often forget that I have it on, and I really love having my hands free at the finish line to pick up the different goodies, and plenty of pockets to throw the stuff in so I can actually eat and walk.

As runners, our gear can get pretty gross and smelly. Despite the look and feel of the HydraQuiver VP1 it can be washed, it can hold up in the washing machine, but that’s not recommended. But cleaning is simple, sink of mild soapy water, and your vest.  Toss it in and give it a spin or so, basically mimic what you think a washing machine does. Last step, prepare to be grossed about where your vest has taken you because the water will change colors and hang to dry. Mine took about a day to full dry out indoors. I imagine this would be much faster if you have the option to leave it outside.

Basically, I have, and will continue to recommend the HydraQuiver VP1 and the entire line of Orange Mud products to people. It’s a good quality brand from people who really care about the products they put out. You’re not going to find these items at a big box sporting goods store because they are legit. If you want the real deal Hollyfield, you’ll head over to Orange Mud and stock up on some gear with the code  BIBRAVE to save 15%.

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