So last year I did whole drawn out post about 2014 and my
goals for 2015, I’m not going to do that. 2015 was simple, I set some goals at
the beginning, I changed some goals I added new goals, I missed some goals.
Basically, stuff got done in 2015. 

Let me explain:

*   I
PR’d my half marathon by nearly 8 minutes in October

*   I
ran a marathon

*   I
did another tri

*   I
PR’d my 10k during my half

*   I
lost weight (Thank you stomach bug)

*   I
traveled out of state for a race

*   I
ran in a new state for the first time

*   I
raced in a completely different environment, right by the beach

*   I’ve
upgraded my gear

*   I
completed 18 races (5k x 7), (15k x 1) (13.1 x 8) (26.2 x 1) (Tri x 1) and 1 virtual half marathon

*   I
finally became a BibRave Pro (squeals)

*   I
PR’d my 5k after a year of trying and had my fastest average pace ever for a
run longer than a mile.

*   I
lived for me, and ran happy

Do I have goals for 2016, you bet. But here’s the key thing,
they’re goals, not resolutions. There’s nothing about my current actions or
behavior that I feel like I need to get rid of.

Do I need to eat healthier yes, but I’m not gonna cut out
McDonald’s French fries, Dr. Pepper, booze, or Whataburger, but will I eat
cleaner whenever possible, of course. 
But my goals are to:

*   Eat

*   Cook

*   Run
harder and more efficient

*   Travel

*   Train
for an Olympic distance triathlon

*   Run
another marathon

*   Stop
impulse buying

As the year goes on and life calls for changes I’m sure my
goals will change, but it is what it is. All I can do is to give it my best and
thank God everyday for the bountiful blessings I have received throughout this
year and my life. The truth of the matter is that this year has been very hard,
and sometimes it has felt next to impossible. However, with the glory of God
and his favor I will continue to persevere through all the challenges he brings
forth to me. I just hope he takes a bit of a chill pill this year and will let
me relax.



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