The 12th Half

**Disclaimer: I received a free
entry to the Santa Hustle Race Series to review as a part of being a BibRave
Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!**

As runners we always hear about
the awful parts of racing that no one ever wants on their records. The DLF
(dead last finish), DNF( did not finish), and of course the one that gets so
many meme about how DLF, and DNF is so much better than the DNS (did not
start). I had great plans for the Santa Hustle to be my last half marathon of
2015, I had my hotel booked, budget planned, which restaurants I was going to
hit up planned. EVERYTHING planned. But my plan isn’t always the final plan.

 Leading up the race I did get
sick, had some tests ran, which found other issues (go figure), thus resulting
in more tests. No big deal. I’m thinking I’m getting ready to go on vacation, I
mean I’m going to go to professional review an awesome race that’s conveniently
by the beach, nothing can ruin my mood. I was so excited, I got plenty of pre-race communication, which
is great. But I did feel as if they were lacking something. Usually the
pre-race emails are designed to get you amped up about the race, these were
very factual, they were instructional only, and that’s cool.  

Don’t get me wrong, facts or great, but I love the emails that
talk about how they’re getting the start line ready, showing pictures of the
medals, etc.

Nonetheless, some information is
better than no information. Can I get an amen!? One of my
favorite things to do before a big race, is to look up who’s going to be at the
expo so I can plan my “Stuff I really don’t need but it’s for running and
running is healthy so it’s okay” budget. I searched high and low on all their
social media pages and couldn’t find anything about the expo. The only
information given about the expo was found in the email with the date, time,
and location. I would have loved to see the whole PPU pictures, expo pictures,
snippets of the Santa Hustle merchandise store, ya know, stuff to really get
you ready for this weekend.  

With that being said, an hour
before I’m supposed to hit the road. The doctor calls to remind me of a test I
have to do Monday morning. Okay, whatever, got it. But also to add in that I
need to keep things consistent, and to avoid strenuous activities, and to not
make any major changes to my diet. I’m about to run a half marathon, technically less than 24
hours before I’m supposed to have this test. WTF DOC!?

 So I had my second DNS. I wasn’t
injured, I didn’t have cold feet, I just have other issues that a medical
professional felt was more important than a sparkly snowflake medal that spins
and accomplishing the goal of crushing 13.1 miles. While I may not agree with
his priorities, he’s obviously right, and I listened. I contemplating just
going anyways because I did/do feel perfectly healthy and able to run it, I am
Another Half…Please? After all. But it what it is.

This is where Santa Hustle won my
respect, I emailed, and asked about switching to the virtual. The morning of
their race day (Sunday), they emailed back with a form and I’ll had to do was
pay $10 for after race packet pickup. By Monday it had shipped, and I had it
Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to me!

the only thing left for me to do is to run 13.1 miles on my own, and to
remember that a start line can be anywhere. It doesn’t have to be surrounded by
hundreds of people. It’s wherever you choose to start. So I will run my 12th
half marathon, just not where I planned to do it.

Happy Runnin’ Y’all.

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