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of MinoTOR to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about
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Fall and winter has always proven to be a busy race season
for me, this year was no different. In March of 2014 I ran my first half
marathon, I would go on to finish the 2014 year with two more half marathons
for a grand total of three for the year. With my newfound love for the
distance, I decided that in 2015 I was going to focus more on running half
marathons, and eventually a marathon versus just doing 5ks all the time. This
year alone I’ve done eight so far, with one more left. As any runner knows,
running requires a great deal of training, and more importantly recovery.

 I’m always in search of the next big thing to elevate my
game so I was excited to try out MinoTOR. I’m typically a bit hesitant about
sports drinks because I just don’t find them to be very effective, but this one
seemed different. It wasn’t backed by some mega company with commercials and
superstar athletes, but by science.

The key fatures of MinoTOR include:

*   Increased
energy & endurance

*   Delayed
muscle fatigue

*   Promotes
muscular growth

*   Accelerated
recovery time

*   Boots

Knowing those are some of the benefits from taking this
science backed product I was so ready to get my hands on it. Each bottle is
actually two servings, so don’t get one and just chug the bottle!

I was pretty excited about these benefits!

My first impression was that it was sweet, like coconut water,
and that doesn’t bother me. I know some may have issues with sweet, but I can
say that this wasn’t like an “OMG I’m drinking straight sugar sweet” it was
just a sweetness as you sipped but it went away instantly.

At 50 calories a serving and no artificial flavors, colors,
or preservatives this definitely a relatively clean drink compared to others.

I used MinoTOR mostly for gym workouts and recovery. I
cannot handle a lot of liquids or anything before a run, and I definitely
struggle with the take x product 10-15 minutes before exercise because I always
forget. At the gym it was a very easy sipper to use and it seemed to keep my
energy level. I know my point at the gym when I’m done tired and ready to walk
away, and with MinoTOR is was more of conversation of “You have stuff to do…get
off the bike and go home.”

I recently ran another half marathon, two weeks after my
marathon a week after killing it (in my opinion) at a 5k and I can honestly say
it took a toll on my body. I knew after the race it was going to be a tough
recovery. Add in the fact that I traveled out of town (about two hours) and
still had more stuff to handle right after the race and before I headed back
home that same day I knew Monday was going to be rough. As soon as I got back
to my hotel I started drinking MinoTOR to help with recovery. With the
remaining serving I just sipped throughout the day and evening and by Monday
morning I woke up with very minimal soreness. There were no magic trips, no
post compression, massages or anything. Just my roller and MinoTOR.

Final Verdict: I would use it again. When testing something
it’s hard to know the long term potential of a product, and how effective it
is. But, I am actually interested in seeing how this product could potentially
help more vigorous workouts and harder recoveries. Because of the passion and
science behind MinoTOR I think it’s something an athlete who is looking for
something more from their sports drinks should look into. But if you do not
like sweet drinks, and cannot tolerate it, I do not recommend this product for
you at all.  If you are interested
in trying it here’s a fabulous coupon for 10% off and free shipping- BIBRAVE1

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what the other
pros think!

Angie Katherine Heather

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